Virginia Colony Dbq Essay

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Between 1606 and 1700, the settlers sponsored by the London Company sailed to Virginia in hopes of getting rich and obtaining land. These people became known as the settlers of England’s Virginia Colony. What the settlers experienced was nothing like the success that was imagined for “Virginia, Earth’s only paradise! (Doc A)” to hold. The challenges of Virginia can be illustrated by these 3 things: the lust for gold, tobacco, and the first few winters.
The lust for gold was a big problem for the colony because when the settlers arrived, many settlers dreamed of making a fortune in Virginia. The idea of fortune was so important to them, that they went searching for gold majority of the time, instead of looking for food to sustain themselves …show more content…

It was the biggest contributor to their economic status, due to John Rolfe’s guidance. By 1616, John Rolfe had perfected the methods of raising tobacco and had become the father of the tobacco industry. At this point, the settlers of Virginia realized that gold wasn’t going to be found, so they tried to invest in another way of making money. Since tobacco was now of high demand in Europe, people were no longer seeking for gold and food, but now their greed had lead them towards planting tobacco. According to the early advertisement of tobacco, tobacco was advertised as something that would renew life, and the reason why you should not be afraid of death (Doc C). It also depicted a white man and a Native American smoking, as well as noting that “Life is a smoke! (Doc C). This probably boosted the popularity of tobacco because of the satisfaction that was promised on the advertisement. Not only did it advertise the effects of tobacco, the advertisement reflected the value of tobacco in Virginia too. “Whil’ st we have best Virginia here (Doc C)” suggested that tobacco was something Virginia was dependant on. Virginia’s economy was reliant on how well tobacco sold, and it was the main supporter of their economy. The reliance on the success of tobacco led into several

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