Families Fall Apart

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Changing can be the biggest obstacle many student will have to face while attending a University. Students will have to learn how to be on their own, and on top of that learn around what people to associate them self with. In Alfred Lubrano essay “The Shock of Education: How College Corrupts”, he explains how many students struggle with parents and friends while attending college. However, Lubrano goes on to say that depending on cultural ethnicity will determine how the years at college will change a person. Parents have spent about 18 years to mold their children the way they want, but the moment they enter college it seems to deteriorate into pieces, because of all the new material the students are learning.
For a majority of student they were raised with parents that are closed minded; however, college will attempt to break away from a narrow perspective into an open mentality. For parents that did not attend college will have a certain way of doing things; therefore, it is impossible to change the way they think. For example, parents can be focused on religion and morals, and anything that contradicts the values of their religion is absorbed. Lubrano states, “I’d seen how ideas could be upsetting…” (581). Furthermore, parents do not like to be challenged by their children, since they are older they believe that they know more. It can be very upsetting for parents when their children appear to out-smart them. Students attending college are exposed to new information on a daily base. According to Lubrano he learned how to self-censor when talking to his parents. This only began the separation between Lubrano and his parents, since he felt that he had to be someone he’s not. In addition, he felt since he was young his parents ...

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... what I was learning” (Lubrano 582). This just goes to show how learning will “corrupt” a family according to Lubrano. Although the student will be successful the students will have already forgotten about his family.
With the load of homework and complex material students are learning; close minded parents are having a hard time connecting with their children. This just goes on to prove Gregg Andrew correct when he states, “Every bit of learning takes you further from your parents” (Lubrano 581). It is a shock that college will corrupt families, since it is seen as the tool to be a successful family person. When in reality it will make a person successful, but as far the family goes it will have to be post aside. However, the fault in this is not the college’s hand, but of those closed minded parents who cannot see past what they believe in.