The Department of Psychology at State University

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The psychology department of State University is considered an academic discourse community. They have a stated purpose, requirements for membership, and exercise intercommunication techniques. Furthermore, they have shared common knowledge that they use to advance their discipline and attract new members. Eleanor Kutz, a leading expert in the field of language and literacy, argues that academic discourse communities differ from informal ones in the critical area of assumed shared knowledge. She states, “building on the assumed shared knowledge...affects how people participate in academic communities, including introductory ones” (Kutz 344). In other words, professors introduce basic concepts when students enter the community. These concepts are the foundation that will eventually give rise to greater functionality within the desired academic discipline. The purpose of the academic discourse community is to foster development of novice members and therefore, assuring that the community has the resources to sustain itself. The purpose of my research stems from this concept of shared knowledge and how it relates to membership and survival. John Swales theorizes, “survival of the community depends on a reasonable ratio between novices and experts” (Swales 27). Building upon this notion, I aim to show how freshmen to professors are dependent upon one another and how this community achieves their purpose of shared common knowledge. I will do so by focusing on their modes of academic advancement, intercommunication techniques, and shared public goals. Additionally, my research also reveals insight on how a bachelor’s degree in psychology translates into employment. Methodology: Experiences, Observation, and Documen... ... middle of paper ... ... feedback” (Swales 26). This function lends evidence to the idea that within any academic discourse community, there must be ways to pass on knowledge and feedback. This is the action that maintains life within the community. The exercise of passing on shared information allows the Department of Psychology to expand, stay relevant, attract new members, help the community, and function with unity to accomplish their stated purpose and goals. Works Cited Kutz, Eleanor. Exploring Literacy: A Guide to Reading, Writing, and Research. New York: Pearson/Longman, 2004. Print. "Many Opportunities for Psychology Students at Akron." The University of Akron : Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Mar. 2014. . Swales, John M. Genre Analysis: English in Academic and Research Settings. Cambridge: Cambridge United Press, 1990. Print.

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