The Debate Between Faith and Science

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In today’s world there is an ongoing debate between faith and science. The extraordinary advances of science have sometimes led to the belief that it is capable of answering by itself all of man's questions and resolving all his problems. Some have concluded that by now there is no longer any need for God. It has been said that one must choose between faith and science: either one embraces one or believes in the other. People seem to have faith belief in God as creator of life and some have scientific beliefs in the spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter (Wright 111). Between faith and science there will always be conflict. A scientist who is committed to scientific research no longer has a need for God and vice versa is prominent.
A scientist by the name of Dr. Collin’s made a breakthrough in science by creating the human genome which consists of the entire DNA in our species, the heredity code of life (National). Such a breakthrough for a scientist that is a strong believer in God would call for an occasion of worship. He made it known that the belief in God is completely a rational choice and faith is paired with the fundamentals of science (National). But the real question is should faith and science be separated? Many scientists believe it should be separated simply because they don’t believe in God and they have theories that prove just that. Jennifer Sexton and Laura Finley, from an Ebsco host article made an excellent point and stated, “Religious believers argue that the presumption of God's existence is based on reason, and that the proof of God's existence is in the unanswered questions about the universe, which remain unaddressed by science” (Sexton).
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... to my understanding that the reason why most scientists have turned atheistic and secular is because they are not strong believers in God to begin with. The powerful observations made in the science world are indeed believable but as Christians we underlie God’s power that exhibits the results we see. Secular scientists don’t believe that God has that much power and that is why this great controversy continues today and will continue throughout our life. However as a High school biology teacher I will be forced to keep my faith and beliefs to myself and teach what I am required to. I will never lose my faith in God and will think of ways to strategically teach the students to where they make a decision based on what they believe and not just what I say. Again, it is our duties as Christians to believe in God and his power that through him all things are possible.
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