The Country of Libya

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Libya Libya is a Country located in northern Africa, 90% of Libya’s land is covered by the Sahara Desert. There are no lakes or rivers, all of the country’s water supply is from underground. Libya is one of the largest countries in Africa, but largely due to its vast desert environment, the population is less than most of the other countries. Libya also has no water above ground, everything comes either from the ocean or the underground water systems that irrigate the underside of Libya. Libya’s flag is solid green, the only flag in the world with one colour and design, Libya also has a huge history of religions and cultured as well as some of the oldest architecture on the planet. Location Libya is located in Northern Africa along the Mediterranean Sea which provides a northern coastal border. On the east Libya borders Egypt and Sudan and on the west Libya borders Tunisia and Algeria. To the south Libya has Chad and Niger as neighboring countries. One may ask what type of relations that Libya has with these bordering countries. Libya occupies a very interesting position. Libya has a long history of great trade relations with these other countries. Trade between these countries has depended on two types of routes which are the “western” route and the “commercial” route. The commercial route is used every season and leads to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Place Libya extends over 1,759,540 square kilometers (679,182 square miles), making it the 16th largest nation in the world. The climate is a mostly dry, desert climate. The northern regions however enjoy a milder Mediterranean climate. Geographic regions: Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan. The chief cities are the capital Tripoli in northwest Libya and Bengh... ... middle of paper ... ...hat covers the body from the knees to the neck regardless of the temperature, which sometimes can go above 40 degrees C. Certain beaches especially for tourists are also available. All drugs and alcohol are banned and this applies to all visitors. Libya is one of the safest countries in the world since the crime rate is very low. You do not need to be concerned about your safety in Libya, although you may get lots of fascinated looks from the locals if you travel there. Arabic is the main language and English is the second language. Almost everyone in Libya can speak English. Conclusion Libya, though very dry and uninhabited, contains much history and ancient architecture. It is a very interesting country, and to think that that much land can be covered by flat desert is amazing. Libya is a well run country and very populated considering the conditions.

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