The Kingdom of Rwanda

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Rwanda, a little territory residing in east-central Africa, resembles close to the size of Maryland. Many believe that the Kingdom of Rwanda was founded by European explorers in 1854. It was occupied by Belgian troops during World War I. On January 28, 1961 it became known as Rwandan Republic. On July 1, 1962 they established their independence from Belgium and then on June 4, 2003 it became known as the Republic of Rwanda. Rwanda has come a long way since its founding. Now one of the largest regions in Africa as far as population and economic growth, Rwanda continues to grow. Though some say that the poverty level remains much more than any other region, it is still a place I want to visit. Rwanda stands as a beautiful country with huge mountains and deep valleys. Most of the countryside rests with full of grasslands and plenty of farmland. The divide between the Congo and Nile drainage systems extends from north to south through western Rwanda at an average elevation of almost 9,000 feet. On the western slopes of this ridgeline, the land slopes abruptly toward Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River valley, which form the western boundary line with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) and constitutes part of the Great Rift Valley (Bureau of African Affairs). At an elevation of over 4,500 feet, Rwanda’s Lake Kivu remains as the highest lake in Africa. Rwanda’s highest point isn’t Lake Kivu though. Volcano Karisimbi continues to obtain the record of Rwanda’s highest point at over 14,000 feet above sea level. Although the equator lies about two degrees north of Rwanda, Rwanda’s temperature stays approximately 70-75 degrees because of the elevation. Rwanda has two rainy seasons where heavy rain can happen and ... ... middle of paper ... ... punishment. Though not an easy task for a refugee of Rwanda to pick up and vacate their home, they do and find a place in America. They leave behind them all the bad things and look for a stable job. Most Americans have no problem quitting their job and finding another. A refugee from Rwanda has to go through many steps before they can even start the process of job looking. The jobs that the refugees receive are looked at by Americans as lower jobs. Most of them receive jobs as cleaners in hotels, dishwashers for restaurants, and assembly line jobs. These jobs to a refugee remain more than enough to feed their family, have a roof over their head, and send their children to school. A refugee from Rwanda does not care about being the next millionaire or driving a brand new sports car. Being able to take care of their family remains the top priority for a refugee.

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