The Cost of a Losing War

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The Cold War loomed, creating a red scare that dominated the United States culture. Communism had a large effect on the United States and many other countries. The Communism form of government expanded across much of Southeast Asia. This devastated America economy and generated a upset faithless nation. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Nixon all felt the need to end communism in South Vietnam to bring peace upon the nation. The Vietnam War did not begin until 1965, which was after Truman and Eisenhower’s years in office they still had a significant role in this War.

The initialing of the Vietnam War began while President Truman was in office. Truman was a bold man who fought against communism and agreed to assist the French in their endeavor to terminate the communistic rule in Vietnam. This was critical for Truman because of the Soviet defiance in North Korea, which inflamed the tension of the Cold War. By 1954 the United States was funding for more than half of the war for the French. The French were not successful against the forcefulness of the Vietnamese nationalist coalition losing capturing twelve thousand French soldiers in the Valley of Dienbienphu. The French with a sense of defeat requested assistance of the United States military action. Eisenhower, the president to follow Truman, had a difficult choice, but chose to avoid war at all costs. Thus, the French conceded to the Vietminh. Following the defeat of the French, a international conference of Geneva was held to halt fire and split up Vietnam. There was an election to come in 1956 that would establish a government to unite the Vietnam nation. Eisenhower avoided signing the Geneva Peace Accords; he believed that it would result in a domino theory and every co...

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...end North Vietnam won by invading the South and demanding the United States leave immediately.

The Vietnam War was a long and severe war that ended in defeat. Not only for America but for all the people lives were ruined. The soldiers who lost their lives to President Johnson who lost all hope. America suffered internally economically for a war that never made progress in favor of an anticommunist revolution. Each President struggled to put an end to the communistic movement in Southern Asia to dissolve the spread from country to country. After three presidents tried to solve this problem Nixon finally had the plan that would put in to movement that the United States did not need to the the World Police but rather a supporter to other countries. This is a serious idea that today many people in America have forgotten, especially the lesson of the war in Vietnam.
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