The Convenience Of Fast Food

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The Convenience of Fast Food Fast food has been a commodity of the United States going back as far as the mid-twentieth century to accommodate the influx of people living in the United States. Because of this, the trend began and withstood the test of time; however, today the overall standard of living has changed. Most people in America have access to a local grocery store as well as a kitchen to cook food, so it seems odd that Americans would choose to buy food from a restaurant when all that is needed to cook is right at home. The answer is quite simple. Fast food restaurants have worked their way to become a part of the American lifestyle because of the convenience offered for the lifestyle of a typical American. Fast food is extremely popular in the United States because many there has been a significant decline on cooking at home, busy work hours make cooking difficult, and finally with that being said fast food restaurants use that to their convenience to lure Americans in with their infectious propaganda. To begin with, fast food is so popular because cooking just is not considered a priority anymore. Consequently, prevalent to the current trends in society, Americans have inevitably become somewhat dependent on fast food restaurants. Women no longer are obligated to only do housework and cook for their family; therefore, now women take on roles as employees on a day to day basis. Typically, their husbands work as well which leads to a higher chance of more nights where the family will choose to save time and purchase food at any fast food restaurant. As a domino effect countless young adults have lived their entire lives without having to cook because of the fact that they were never taught how to cook. With ... ... middle of paper ... ...of the fact that it effectively synchronizes with the daily agenda of anyone. Likewise, the dependency level people have on fast food revolves around the fact that fast food restaurants take away a bit of stress by giving an easy solution of what to eat at any given moment. The bandwagon propaganda creates leads to a chain reaction of millions of people wanting to dine at a fast food restaurant every day and as time goes on that number can be expected to go up. Americans generally live on the go and cooking can be entirely too time consuming ,so it is highly convenient that restaurants reach out to the public in hopes to ease the burden by making food quickly to accommodate the average American. In the end it is really no surprise fast food is so popular given the convenience it has in the daily lives of Americans, after all it is not called “fast” food for nothing.

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