The Consumer/Survivors Movement

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This paper focuses on the current initiatives and electronic/ paper resources created to further the claims of the Consumer/Survivors movement. The search of my data included searches including, C/S/X, mental health consumers movement, MAD pride, anti-psychiatry, mental health movements. I chose articles and websites based on their relevance to the Consumer/ Survivor movement which included information provided by consumers themselves and their allies (organizations and/ or individual/ groups that were pro C/S/X movement.)

First, I researched articles, both from peer reviewed journals, periodicals, websites written by allies of consumers about the C/S/X, their motives, views etc to get obtain some background information about the movement and look into other sources of information. Next, I collected information from ally organizations such as CAMH and Community Resources Toronto. These site provided information about the activities of some of the C/S./X groups including resources that were available to them and created by them. some of the resources included: community bulletin, community program evaluations ( which looked into the effectiveness of the resources provided to mental health consumers. ) Third, I looked into personal websites, YouTube videos, blogs, and books about survivors and/or consumers experiences within the mental health system. Many of the searches resulted in experiences around psychiatry. Finally, I looked at sources pertaining to the MAD pride movement including their website, bulletins, YouTube channel, MAD ‘zines’ ( MAD pride magazines), newspaper articles written by individuals within the MAD movement. I particularly paid specific attention to their mission statement, activities within t...

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