The Consequences And Effects Of Cheat In High School

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Throughout the education system in the United States, many students are trying to land ahead. Whether it be forming study groups, staying up late studying, or even cheating; students will consider doing whatever it takes to make their GPAs the best they can be. With the pressure of balancing other classes, maintaining a social life, and trying to accepted into an exceptional college, students nowadays take the shortcut of cheating to ahead. Cheating within education has become a big problem with current students because of the lenience of teachers and the modern technology, it has become easier than ever to away with academic fraud.
Students in high school and/or college, mainly cheat due to the fact that they either need an excellent grade
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A few effects are class failure, suspension/expulsion, legal consequences, and your academic reputation. When it reaches class failure a student who inadvertently plagiarized, for example, might just a failing grade on a paper, while a student caught deliberately cheating on an exam might fail the class entirely. If an undergraduate is suspended or expelled for ting caught cheating, they will not only have it put on their transcript but also might be placed on academic probation meaning if it happens again, they are kicked out of the university. This can also reach a point where legal issues come in hand because the student may have copyrighted work, such as copy and pasting on an essay and not giving credit where needed. Students who stride onto graduating school, may face professors who know that they have cheated, and these professors may tell other people about the cheating that occured in his/her classroom.
The consequences of cheating can be hard for a teen to understand. Without the ability to see the long-term effects, students may have the feeling that the pros outweigh any of the negatives that might come to mind. Cheating lowers undergraduates self-respect and confidence. If others see an individual cheating, they will lose their respect and trust that they may have. Unfortunately, cheating is not a one-time issue and will continue to occur due to the fact that undergraduates find it easier to be dishonest and use others work rather than doing it on their
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