The Conscientious Objectives Of The Vietnam War

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Ben Randall Imani Jones Mrs. Kranish Vietnam Essay The Conscientious Objectives of the Vietnam War If my cousin hasn’t done something in a while he will often say “ I haven’t done that since Nam!” When he uses this expression he is referring to the Vietnam War and the face that it happened, from our perspective, a long time ago. The phrase “Vietnam War” will have different meanings depending on where one might say the phrase. If one were to exclaim it in France, most of the citizens would think of the Vietnam’s fight for independence from France. Vietnam had been involved in many wars, which have had many objectives. The American Vietnam War, like the others, had a few main objectives but also several smaller objectives that evolved over the course of the war. These conscientious objectives, for both sides, can be grouped into military and political objectives. Vietnam was really just a pawn in the much larger game of the Cold War. The main political objective behind the Unites States’ involvement in the Vietnam War was to set forth it’s policy of containment prevent the “Domino E...

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