Seattle's Downfall

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The Pacific Northwest is like no other in steps to success and the Northwest we know currently. The discovery of Vancouver, and confrontation with British, the conflicts with Natives and solutions to those conflicts, as well as the growth and achievement of its largest city of the time, Seattle, helped create and enforce the society and economy of which we have today. However the settlement of the Washington and Oregon territories came after the settlement of the colony Vancouver, Canada.

Firstly, the Forty-Ninth parallel is the line at which Canada and America are separated, is surpassed by southern most part of Canada, Vancouver. This is a province that is full of history and atmosphere unknown to many. An English sailor, Captain James Cook, discovered the island of Vancouver in 1778. Originally, the island was a colony of Great Britain, and until immigration open the gates to the province in the nineteen-fifty's, eighty percent of the residents in Vancouver could trace back their ancestry to Britain. As that the colony was originally settled, as a stop over for British travelers on their way to England the majority of British people made Vancouver particularly pleasing. In the late eighteen-fifty's gold was found, and attracted some new inhabitants that displeased the residents of Vancouver, due to their low social status, and poor manners. Vancouver undeniably has an uncanny resemblance of Great Britain. The likeness in architecture of buildings, society, decisions and format of government is apparent within the island. This is shown with the almost mimic, gives Vancouver a rare atmosphere of a Britain on the Pacific Ocean. Of course in the 1982 Canada was given the power to amend and create their own constitution. They bec...

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...wn well being. . The early pioneers of Seattle failed to see the affects that their actions would have on Northwest and due to their ignorance, they will forever be acknowledged as foolish and unwise.

In the end the Pacific Northwest, Washington in particular, had many different eras of growth. All of which were important factors in determining the Washington state we have today. Some of which were not wise or kind decisions, such as the unfair treatment of the Native Americans, and the lack of thought about the environment around and of Seattle. Though some were the very best of decisions, like the choice of hydroelectric power which diversified economy. No matter which they all effected and lead to each other, as well as the outcome of this state. These steps of growth were rare around in the time period of which the Pacific Northwest succeeded and their decision
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