The Concept of Marriage

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Marriage is the bonding between people by social union or legal contract. Marriage is when two people have a wedding ceremony to exchange vows before God and their family. People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on wedding ceremonies for something they have no clue of what they are getting into. Different cultures have their own concept of marriage. I am going to explore the biblical and social concept of marriage. People enter into marriage for different reasons. These reasons may include social, economical, religious, emotional, or for legal reasons. There are a lot of expectations on both parties entering into a marriage agreement. If these expectations are not fulfilled, people handle the problems differently. The overall pursuit for society is conquering happiness throughout life.

To understand the concept of marriage in a biblical sense, God created Adam and Eve. Before they were one, Adam was created by God as ruler and earthly dominance over his creation. God had given Adam a job. Which today man is given a job first then given a wife and family. After giving Adam instructions over his earthly creations, God felt something was missing. God gave Adam a wife named Eve. At that point, the need for man to have companionship was established. Companionship is the need to communicate with another. It is the need for a couple to talk about how they day went for a hard day of work. Companionship is a help mate. It's better to have two to help than one. Companionship then result into marriage. Married couples are considered as one. Traditionally, when a couple is married and recites their wedding vows they are one. The woman is no longer referred to as Ms. Brewer but takes on her husband name as Mrs. Reynolds.

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...nce fades, soon the communication and the cooperation fade away with it. If the concept of marriage is not pursued on both ends and the couple is not willing to save the marriage through counseling or other means. One or both spouse begins to step out of the relationship to fulfill the needs elsewhere. This leads to something neither went into the marriage anticipating divorce. Divorce is something I would not recommend to anyone. If a marriage can be rebuilt by all means rebuild the marriage and remember the love that once got you there in the first place.

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In 1960, two-thirds (68%) of all twenty-somethings were married. In 2008, just 26% were. Today that number is declining more in the United States based on an income-gap (Pew Research Center).

Biblical and Cultural Concepts of Married and Family Life

by: Dr. Ralph Huley
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