The Complex Themes Hidden in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Introduction “The great Gatsby” is an inspiring novel written by the famous American author Scott Fitzgerald. The novel was published in 1925. It is regarded as Scott’s supreme achievement and also as a masterwork in American literature, and it’s entirely justified. Its theme is far more complex than a simple love story. It tells about the corruption of the American dream, the broken promise of “equality for all” and the fact that you can’t be “whatever you want”. The novel is concerned with Jay Gatsby’s life, who is the protagonist of the story and perhaps American’s literature most powerful character.Gatsby lives a luxurious life in west Egg, we learn about his glamorous parties full of drinks and people from everywhere! But all this is just a facade that hides what Gatsby really is- a simple man in love. It seems that years ago Gatsby had fallen in love with a golden-haired girl named daisy. However, he wasn’t always rich and wealthy there was a time when he was poor and had nothing. This was the reason he lost the love of his life, and now does everything only to gain it back. Through the book, the reader learns glimpse after glimpse in a beautiful way Gatsby’s quest from being poor to becoming rich, from being together with his beloved to ending up alone. Although after reading “The great Gatsby” one may get a feeling of hopelessness, it one of those novels that leaves you inspired even long after reading it. It’s a masterpiece not only because of the thrillingly brilliant plot or memorable characters but also because of the life lessons that it teacher to the reader. It is not just a typical ... ... middle of paper ... ...lity for all” and the fact that you can’t be “whatever you want”. The pursuing of the American dream led our hero to his tragic end. and he also has witnessed the corruption of the American promise of equality for all. The author categorizes them as the old rich that live in East Egg and the new rich that live in West Egg. Gatsby is a dreamer; he does everything only to pursue the only dream that he had in his life- Daisy, who also stands as a symbol for the American dream in the 1920s. but he also communicates that they are not all the same. Even though they parted, Daisy has been his obsession for 5 years and that’s why he cannot separate the past from the present. For Gatsby she is the golden girl she is the golden future. “nouveau riche,”

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