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The Great Gatsby In this story by F. Scott Fitzgerland the characters are Jay, Nick, Daisy Buchanan, Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson, Catherine, Henry C. Gatz, Dan Cody, Ewing Kilpspringer, Jordan, Michaelis & Meyer Wolfshien. The setting in this story is taken within the 1920 's in Washington Peninsulas and New York city. Nick graduated from New Haven in 1905, he participated in the great war. Jay decided to go east and learn the bond business. He then rented a home in New York, he was lonely then one day helped a man find West Egg Village. Nick lived near Mr. Gatsby 's mansion, he then drove out to have dinner with Tom Buchanan, and Daisy in Chicago. Nick then spent time with Daisy, Tom, and Miss Baker. Daisy talked to Nick about the …show more content…

Gatsby had gone on a trip later with his yacht. Then he was with Nick and Tom they had dinner. Gatsby had invited Daisy and Tom to a party they went to his party. The party ended and Gatsby was depressed as he talked to Nick, he told him that Daisy should tall Tom that she’s never loved him. Gatsby said she used to understand. One hot summer day Gatsby and Nick were at the Buchanan’s house, Daisy went up to Gatsby and kissed him on the mouth and told him she loved him. Tom came back into the house with ice for the drinks, Daisy wanted to go to town then she looked to Gatsby and they both starred into each others eyes, Tom then looked at Gatsby and broke in quickly insisting to go to town. Tom got into Gatsby’s car and drove off to town, he stopped at a gas station to fill up he saw Wilson sick and Wilson talked about wanting money. Tom gave Wilson his car. They went off to a Plaza Hotel in the city. Tom asked Gatsby when he had gone to Oxford, Gatsby answered in 1919. Tom got angry and put Gatsby down as he knew that Gatsby and Daisy were flirting with each other. Gatsby stood up and told Tom that Daisy never …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald, his characters are well drawn, and the plot of the story is engaged and fast paced. Jay Gatsby always throws party’s at his mansion in Long Island, New York. Gatsby intention in the book was to be with Daisy as he threw party’s and he wanted to impress her by his Luxury house and car. Mrs. Wilson then was killed and Mr. Wilson thinks Tom knows who did it and threatens his to say what he know, Tom tells him that Gatsby hit her with his car and Gatsby later is found dead in his pool, Mr. Wilson is seen at his home and the one held responsible is

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  • Describes the characters in the story by f. scott fitzgerland, including jay, nick, daisy buchanan, myrtle wilson, george wilson and catherine.
  • Explains that the setting in this story is taken within the 1920s in washington peninsulas and new york city.
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