The Comparisons between the Brook Ellison Story and the Book of Job

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In this short reflection paper I will be comparing the movie, “The Brook Ellison Story” and the book, “The Book of Job.” Both of these magnificent stories are highly respected by the public and they both give wonderful example of M.R. DeHann book, The Broken thing: Why we suffer. Some of the things that will be disgusting in this paper is a summary of both of these wonderful stories, how four out of the seven main questions for my search for meaning class best relates to both of these stories, which three out of ten “Key Principles of Catholic Social Teachings” closely relate to the two stories, and how both of these stories answer the question, “Does God Exist?” which is a popular fundamental question that was asked frequently in Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator book, Theology: Brewed in an African Pot.
First, The Brook Ellison Story is a movie about a young girl named Brook Ellison, who became paralyzed after being hit by a car on her first day of seventh grade. And though she given little chance of survival, through a combination of sheer will and family support, she has carved out an inspirational life for herself. After scoring 1510 out of a possible 1600 on her College Board entrance exam, Ellison was accepted to Harvard University. With the tireless help of her mother, Jean Marie, who lived with her at Harvard, Brooke graduated in 2000, after completing a 90-page thesis, which she completed using a voice-activated computer, was titled, "Does Hope Float? The Study of Presence of Hope in Resilience."
The Book of Job is a book about a wealthy man Job who lived in a land called Uz with his large family and extensive flocks. He was “blameless” and “upright,” and was always careful to avoid doing evil. One day, Satan (“the Adversary”) ap...

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... a regular person, where out of nowhere their lives were dramatically changed. But their lives didn’t stay like that way forever because out of the blue their suffering turned into rewards or blessings. Which is one of the ten reason why we suffer in M.R. DeHann book, The Broken thing: Why we suffer.

Overall, both of these stories are wonderful. They really get you engaged as a reader to understand the concept of the story and find the moral meaning of why the story is being told. These stories really helped me understand why it is so important for me to search for my meaning because I will never know where I am going if I don’t suffer and understand the bad things in life before receiving any good things in life. I would recommend any and every body to experience both of these magnificent stories because they are both extremely powerful and joyful to comprehend.

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