The Communist Russia Under Stalin

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The Communist Russia Under Stalin Stalin wanted the USSR or Russia to become more powerful than other countries. To do this he had to modernise the USSR's economy by a programme of rapid industrialisation. This means developing industry to such an extent that a country that mainly depends on agriculture or farming is changed into one which mostly depends on industry. Stalin said that the USSR was 50 or 100 years behind the advanced countries. He aimed to catch up with and surpass them within ten years. Russia's industry was recovering from the effects of war, but even then, production from heavy industry was low compared with other countries. Stalin felt it was necessary to catch up with the West because the West that hated Communism threatened the USSR. To survive an attack from the West, the USSR had to rapidly expand its heavy industries: coal, iron, steel and power. This would allow the USSR to expand and strengthen its military. Rapid industrialisation was also necessary for the county's defence was surrounded by countries whose governments hated Communism: Iran, Romania, Finland and Poland. Stalin believed that making the USSR Socialist would make it a richer and stronger country. To become a strong industrial economy, the agricultural sector had to be modernised and made more efficient so it could produce enough food to support an expanding urban workforce. An efficient agricultural sector was also necessary to raise the money needed for Stalin's rapid industrialisation. A way had to be found the vastly increase the USSR's agricultural output so the surplus could be sold overseas and the money used for investment in industry, for instance, to buy industrial machinery for the factories. An efficient agricultural sector was also necessary so that fewer workers would be needed on the farms. Rapid industrialisation could only take place if more workers transferred from the rural countryside to work in the factories and industries. Rapid industrialisation would also achieve two political results. Firstly, it would increase support for the Communists because the workers were the Communists' greatest

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