Stalin's Transformation of The Russian Economy

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Stalin's Transformation of The Russian Economy

Stalin attraction to the works of Karl Marx was what brought Stalin

into the political world. He was in a seminary when he became

interested in Marxism and this was frowned upon, and so he was

expelled. This was where he joined the Bolshevik Party.

During the time when the party split and speeches were being made,

Stalin made one praising the present leader - Lenin, whose attention

was caught.

In 1917, Stalin became the Commissar of Nationalities meaning he was

responsible for the ethic minority. Five years on, 1922, Stalin became

the General Secretary of the Communist Party - this position was

perfect for Stalin later on, as he came into knowledge about other

members, which gave him a lot of favours. However just before Lenin's

death, Lenin wrote a Testament, which had things about his party

members and who would be ideal to be leader of Russia after his death.

In this he was very critical of Stalin, which could have hindered

Stalin's position in the party. Instead he used it to get rid of two

of his opponents - Zinoviev and Kamenev. Stalin, eventually, came into

power after the death of Lenin. He wasn't a first choice as leader of

Russia, but Stalin fought his way to the top by getting rid of the


Prior to Stalin's reign over Russia, the economy of the country wasn't

good. Going back to when there still was a tsar, Tsar Nicholas II, in

1894, was the start of the major problems. The Tsar came to the throne

at age 26. He no idea what was involved, what to do and went along

with what others told him. When Russia was involved in war, Nicholas

went to be on the front line. He left his wife, Alexandra, in charge.

Alexandra at this point was very close to a man called Rasputin, who

'helped' Alexandra with her decisions. He hindered Russia's economy.

After the downfall of the Tsar came the new Government, the Duma. The

Duma tried to set Russia as a democratic society, but they struggled,

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