Advantages Of Commercialization In Sports

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Commercialization is the process of introducing a product to either a mass or niche market. Owners, often, encourage such commercialization because it helps to expose their team or sport to larger audiences, which will help generate revenue. Commercial sport is something not all people are comfortable with or like. I think that it has its place within professional sports alone. But we are seeing it more and more at the college level with Div. 1 NCAA Men’s Basketball and Football. At an elite amateur level, like colligate sport, I think is where commercialization is a bad thing because it takes away from what amateur sport is really about which is participating in athletics while learning. However, the same cannot be said about professional sports. In elite sport, I think that it is almost a required concept. It’s something that is necessary for the survival of the sport itself. Without commercialization, teams wouldn’t be able to pay the players the salaries of their contracts …show more content…

I believe commercialization comes along and has to be present once you make sport into a business. It is has to. Athletes, coaches, and owners today make millions of dollars more than some wealthy business owners. However, there are critics of sport commercialization that believe commerce corrupts sport. The Corruption Thesis according to Simon on pg. 190 of Fair Play: The Ethics of Sport: “We can understand corruption to mean that the values internal to sport, such as those of fair competition, sportsmanship, and perhaps the mutual quest for excellence, are being or already have been undermined by the growing commercialization of sport.” While in class, I didn’t quite agree with the idea that commercialization could completely corrupt sport with a more attuned understanding of the Corruption Thesis; I now understand how it could and where many critics of sports commercialization are coming

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