The Cognitive Perspective and the Psychodynamic Approach

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The Cognitive Perspective revolves around the notion that if we want to know what makes people tick, and a way to do this would be to figure out what process are actually going on in their minds. Cognitive means ‘Knowing’. The Cognitive Perspective views peoples as computers in by the way human are process information such as; input process and output process. In this area of psychology, cognitive psychology focuses on the way in which humans process information; this can include looking at how people treat information that is presented to us. Cognitive Psychology is psychology that focuses and studies the mental process including how people think, perceive, remember and how they learn. This perspective is part of a larger field which is cognitive science, this part of psychology is related to other factors including neuroscience, philosophy and linguistics. Linguistics is the scientific study of language.
Some Psychologists from this kind of perspective study cognition; cognition is a mental act or process of which knowledge is required. The Cognitive Perspective is concerned with mental functions such as memory, perception and attention. Some psychologists study different cognitive aspects such as internal process including perceptions, attention, language, memory and thinking. ( There are two main theorist that are specialized in the Cognitive Perspective these are; Jean Piaget and Samuel and Bryants. Jean Piaget mostly focused on child development on how they learnt and developed over years. Samuel and Bryant conducted a study to challenge Piaget’s findings.
Jean Piaget was the first psychologist to make a systematic study of cognitive development. Some of his contributions in...

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... thinking process. It is irrational, illogical and motivated and desires for immediate enjoyment of our impulses.
• The ego- this is the secondary thinking process as it is the part that manages the conflict between the ID and the constraints of the real world. It is logical and rational. It prevents the ID from enjoying its impulses in inappropriate ways.
• The superego- this contains the moral standards that we learn from are parents and society. An example would be making people feel guilty when they go against societies rules.
Freud also did some dream analysis as he believe that dream people have are the wishes of their unconscious mind.
Another main theorist in the Psychodynamic Approach is John Bowlby and his theory of attachment. John Bowlby was Psychoanalysis and he believed that mental health and behavioural problems could be linked to early childhood.

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