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Well as we all know Jean Piaget was an very important person in our history. Piaget was born August, 9th 1896 Piaget died of unknown causes in September , 16 1986 they would like to think he died of old age. He was born to Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson in Neuchatel, Switzerland. His mother was a very kind and energetic woman but she did have small temper problems and it made family life very hard in the household of Piaget’s family. His mother’s mental disorder is one of the main things used to inspire Piaget’s desire for the cognitive thinking of the mind. He also became interested in pathological psychology during this time. His father was a very well dedicated man with his writings of medieval literature. At just the age of 11 Piaget was already starting his career as a researcher, because he had recently wrote a short paper on an albino sparrow. Shortly after that he continued to study natural sciences and also received his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Neuchatel in 1918.
Piaget worked at Binet Institute in 1920. As a worker there his job was to develope french versions of questions on english tests. He quickly became amazed with the trying to figure out answers for the reasons why children gave the wrong answers to very logical thinking questions. This discoveries got Piaget thinking, because he thought children were born with a basic mental brain structure based on evolved learning and knowledge. He believed that these answers children were giving revealed that there are very important differences in the way of thinking in adults and children. Piaget soon became the first psychologist to come up with a systematic study of cognitive development in 1936. Piaget had a very spe...

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... see how the different speeds of thinking were going on in a childs mind. There were test to show the strength and a imagination of a childs mind. The different strengths and complexity of the different children’s minds varied from very simple to very complex. Children who are put in the formal operational stage approach their tasks systematically testing only one variable. When younger children did the experiment he realized that they would move two items at one time instead of just one at a time.
At the end of Piaget’s experiment with his theory concluded that childrens way of thinking and adults way of thinking had a big impact on both psychology and education it even Albert Einstein described it to be quite a simple discovery that only a genius could have discovered it.

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