The Church Of The Methodist Church

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The name of the church I attended was Windsor Village United Methodist Church on June 26, 2016. I currently do not have a church I attend because of personal reasons, but do believe in gaining a better connection with God. The church that I visited was a Revivalist service with Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell. They began with songs, then prayer, then the sermon, then a final prayer. Throughout the experience at this church I felt like the word of the God was speaking directly towards me. I am a realist meaning I believe everything happens for a reason or I see things exactly the way they are.
The style of church was a revivalist church, which means it was heavy in singing and sermon. I chose this style because when I was younger and forced to attend church we would always have to attend there. The service represent people from all different backgrounds coming together to praise God, which is why I believed I liked it so much. People wearing casual clothes as well as business looked pass each other’s wardrobes to join hands to praise the almighty God.
The particular style is very uplifting for those who have went through it all. The songs they sang were about God, for example the song by Kirk Franklin named Silver and Gold, tells about how a Christian would rather have God than money. They would rather have faith and hope than riches and material things. Another song would be Why We Sing is about someone who puts their faith in God and they feel as nothing can go wrong with God behind them. Those two songs stuck out to me the most because they each represent a side of me as a follower of God. I truly believe that without the help God and using his judgment we would all truly be lost individuals or sinners even more than we are. The so...

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...all completely different individuals and go through different struggles, but if you follow God an listen to his word you will not lose. Its okay to sacrifice in order to conquer what’s going to come. Belief in God will help you further than a hallway believer cause your questioning his power.
God is the king of all kings and lord of all lords so why do people question him everyday. I also question what he does because of my own personal reasons that happened in my life. But I have been told if you do not wonder or question his grace then you will never break through as a Christian because you will sin and act like nothing ever happened. Windsor Village worship service with Pastor Caldwell opened my eyes to more than I imagined with my religion, but he also gave a better understanding to the questions I always needed answered. This was a great way to learn about God.
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