The Choirboys By Joseph Wambaurgh

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The choirboys by Joseph Wambaurgh is it a depiction of how ten urban police officers cope. This novel is a dark and powerful comedy with the ending of a tragedy. Five sets of Los Angeles Police Department officers on the night watch at Wilshire division come together after patrol at MacArthur Park and rewind from the past day. Spermwhale Whalen and Baxter Slate partners of 7-A-1, Sam Niles and Harold Bloomguard partners of 7-A-29, Spencer Van Moot and Calvin Potts partners of 7-A-33, Calvin Potts and Francis Tanaguchi partners of 7-A-77, Roscoe Rules and Dean Pratt partners of 7-A-85. 7-A-1: Spermwhale Whalen and Baxter Slate. Spermwhale Whalen, also known, as “Spermy” is the oldest choirboy at the age of 52. He was in three world wars as a pilot. Spermwhale has been divorced three, and his second wife took him for everything he had. He has a late son that he really never knew before he died. Baxter Slate, is well educated and in his late 20’s. He believes peoples only motive in life is for their own interest and no other. He as a degree in classic literature, and loves picking on Roscoe Rules with his ambiguous words. On the outside Baxter looks respectable and was well put together. However, his past of juvenile cases has engulfed his inside. Baxter commits suicide, the day after his friend Sam Niles found him and Gina Summers, a dominatrix, whipping him. He is also, the only member of the choir boys to have killed a man on the job. 7-A-29: Sam Niles and Harold Bloomguard. Sam Niles and Harold Bloomguard Served together in Vietnam. Sam Niles, 26, has a dominant personality who developed severe claustrophobia from being in the caves during the war. Harold Bloomguard a physically short and small man with emotional attachment is... ... middle of paper ... ...ith some police groupies. I think every policeman has their own way of coping with the job. Rather, it going out with people who understand what you are going through, or just going out for a beer after patrol, and so for the group sex that’s none of my business. In the end of the novel after the sentencing and right six month suspension was up Lieutenant Willard Woodcock and Sergeant Nick Yanov revisited McArther Park. Woodcock stated that they we troublemakers and they all should all not be allowed to return to the same district. Yanov replied "They weren 't troublemakers...they were just policemen. Rather ordinary young guys. Maybe a little lonelier than some. Or scared." This is the most powerful quote in the book. They weren’t trying to cause trouble they were just trying to make sense of what they have gone through, and some shit happed to them along the way.

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