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Cop in the hood: A book report Cop in the hood is a book about Peter Moskos experience as a police officer in the eastern district of Baltimore. First, as a sociologist at Harvard, he was very curious about the job of Policing. There is a lot of misconception and myth about the job so what a better way to learn than become one? His coworkers were at first wary of the Harvard liberal, expecting him to do a poor job due to being primarily concerned with his research. Police culture is naturally untrustworthy of outsiders as most citizens have no idea what the job is actually like. Officer Moskos research work was usually done after shift. He would sit in front of his computer and put his nightly notes down and interpret them. The author acknowledges …show more content…

Officers were rewarded and reprimanded appropriately for the amount of arrests that were made. When Officers successfully prevented or deterred crime it didn’t show on paper. This tied in with officer morale in a big way. The book illustrates that when departments put out arrest quotas for the east side arrests fell, usually to the minimum. Mosko is often very critical of upper police managements distance and ignorance to the actual problems out there. The best chapters in this book were the last two: Prohibition and School Daze. Here the author touches on the underlying effects of this phenomenon and the war on drugs. He can’t believe that after prohibition the country did not learn its lesson the first time. Moskos believes we can learn a lot from the tobacco crusade, which reduced tobacco use by half without jailing any smokers. Moskos offers many suggestions for public policy, officer training, and drug rehabilitation. I think this book should be required reading for any officer who wants to enforce illegal narcotics. It is an eye opening real account and both police supporters and critics have a lot to learn from Peter Moskos. The first step to healing our modern day police/public relation divide is ending this drug war and failed

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  • Explains that cop in the hood is a book about peter moskos' experience as an officer in baltimore's eastern district.
  • Analyzes how officer moskos' research work was done after shift and he would put his nightly notes down and interpret them. most local street cops don't have a harvard education making his lenses into issues unique.
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