The Characteristics Of The Jinn In Islam

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Bismillah Rahmani Rahim Alhamdulillahi rabbil- 'alamin was salatu was salamu 'ala ashrifil anbiya wal-mursalin nabiyina Muhammad wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma 'in Jinn from an Islamic perspective In Islam the jinns are living creatures with free will and created from smokeless fire. They are sharing this world with us like the other creations of Allah. The word jinni in Arabic is to hide or conceal they can be good or evil like us. They are invisible from human as the name suggested and this is the reason that some people denied their existents. ( The Jinns were created earlier than humans and Allah says “Indeed we created man from dried clay of black smooth mud. And we created the jinn before that from the smokeless…show more content…
They eat, drink, marry, and have children, travel, work and die. However, Jinns are differing from human for their powers and abilities (Surah An-naml-Verse 39). They can take any shape like human, or animal. In The tradition of prophet Muhammed the jinn are divided into three, those who have wings and fly, those who resemble animal like dogs and snakes and those who travel endless. (Sakura 2016) As a Muslim one must believe the existent of jinn other ways he or she is denying the creation of Allah. Also if a one rejects their present he or she also is refusing existent of the worst enemy of human beings which is Satan or in Arabic Shaydan(Surah I-an am…show more content…
They possess the mind and body of a person. This causes mental and physical illness.(Surah Al-baqrah -Verse 275) And there are many reasons why jinns will posses people Ibnu timiyyah catagarised jinn possession into three, first jinns have free will like us and they may not like the person or may just do it. Secondly, the jinn may love the person and possess him or her. Thirdly, one may inflict harm on the jinn and in form of revenge jinn may possess the person. In addition other human may used the jinn to possess a person in the form of magic. However, possession of jinns happened in four conditions. First condition, in extreme anger, there are many hadiths about anger, most of hadith inform us anger is from devils. ( Second condition, excessive fear this is make us weak. Third condition, not remembering Allah such neglecting the deen and not using the adkar . Four conditions, is in when one is extremely in his or he desire, or doing

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