The Challenges And Characteristics Of An Effective Leader

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To be an effective leader someone has to be really devoted and have to make an effort to set a charge in his or her organization. Effective leader always have a passion inside of them and someone has to devote his time and money to achieve the desired goals.
Effective leader always support and facilitate his or her team. They create an organizational environment which helps the employees to tell the truth and speak up and feel safe plus comfortable.
An effective leader has all the confidence on himself and his team that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. As we all know knowledge is power so an effective leader always provides complete up to date information to his employees about organizational goals, for achieving any goal
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His name is Adrees Ahmad and he is the acting station manager of Oman Airlines. He assigned me as a team leader which shows that he was supportive and he believed in my leadership qualities. He took me in confidence and pushes me to absorb the job pressure and helped me in my role. We always had a two way communication between us and when ever any policy changes he discussed it with me and I covey that to my team members. For Example: Oman Airlines started a new service named as “fast track card” which was for all the business class passengers and my manager discussed with me and I as a supervisor explained my team members to issue these cards to all business class travelers so that the business class passenger don’t have to stand in a long lines for their immigration process using that fast track…show more content…
A successful leadership is essential to leadership behavior. Your behavior always represents your personality and style. Few of the qualities in a leadership behavior include generating respect and trust of your employees by always be truthful and honest. Communicate clearly and encourage strong relationship within the organization between employees, supervisors and other managers. Adopt performance management as discussed in chapter 5 in the textbook which includes monitoring employees setting goals and expectations, providing feedback and training and review the employee’s performance. This behavior also include identifying your personal strength and
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