The Cause And Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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1692 was a tragic year for the people of Salem. The events that took place in 1692 would prove to be a turning point for not only the people of Salem but the rest of pilgrim towns in The New World. What set the trials in motion is still partially a mystery. Whatever the cause, it is known that the results of the trials were inhumane and brutal. Over thirteen people were sentenced to death during the witch trials. These trials were a set of accusations and arguments set in rapid succession, resulting in mass hysteria and the conviction of over 200 men and women. For this paper, I will be delving into the causes and results of the brutal Salem witch trials, and what affect it had on the pilgrim towns in early America. The trials begin in the …show more content…

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  • Explains that 1692 was a tragic year for the people of salem and the pilgrim towns in the new world. the brutal witch trials resulted in mass hysteria and convictions.
  • Narrates how a launderer named ann "goody" glover was caught stealing laundry, and an argument broke out between goody and martha goodwin, one of the residents. martha became unexplainably ill.
  • Narrates how tituba, reluctant witch of salem, attempted to assist elizabeth parris by baking a witch cake to aid in her affliction.
  • Narrates how salem's citizens were accused of witchcraft and samuel parris beat her until she confessed. the town was sent into chaos and believed that satan was among them.
  • Narrates how ann putnam jr., who lived with the family, started to behave strangely. rebecca nurse was accused of afflicting the children.
  • Explains that john proctor's wife, elizabeth, was accused of witchcraft, and mary walcott and abigail williams convinced the jury that both john and his wife were guilty.
  • Analyzes how giles cory's trial was brutal. he thought he found a loophole in the law that prevented him from cheating justice.
  • Explains that the salem witch trials ended in october 1692, when governor phipps banned ghostly evidence from the trials. judge stoughton ordered the execution of all suspected witches.
  • Explains that the time period during the trials was heavily influenced by the bible. some speculate that a group of young girls was looking for attention and acted out.
  • Explains that land was of the utmost importance to early settlers, and people would not easily give it up. a feud between land could easily turn brutal.
  • Explains that ergot is a sneaky fungus which infects the ever plentiful rye. when ingested, it causes twisting or contorting, pain, shaking and trembling, spasms, confusion, delusions, and hallucinations.
  • Explains that the trials marked a change of both religious and governmental power. puritans believed that everything from not attending church, to working crops on sunday, deserved punishment.
  • Opines that the year 1692 is not easily forgotten. it took only one event to lead to an explosive chain reaction causing many to die and hundreds to be accused of witchcraft.

The new Governor Phipps orders that spectral, or ghostly, evidence could no longer be admitted in the trials. He also prohibited further arrests. In order to counter Phipps attempts to stop the trials, a superior court was formed and all the remaining witches were tried. Judge Stoughton ordered the execution of all suspected witches, however, Phipps denied enforcement of the order, and caused Judge Stoughton to leave the bench. 49 of the 52 survivors were brought into court and released because their arrests were based on spectral evidence. Among those in jail, Tituba was released and sold to a new master. Phipps soon pardoned all those in jail on witchcraft charges. This marked the end of the Salem Witch …show more content…

To early settlers, land was a new life starting from scratch. Land was golden to them. And people would not easily give it up. A feud between land could easily turn brutal. Such may have been the case with the Nurse family and the Putnam family. The more powerful Putnam family could have been looking for a way to end a land dispute with the Nurse family in their favor. The would have likely thought that they would somehow get someone to accuse Rebecca Nurse, have her executed, receive a plot of land, and move on. Obviously things got out of hand as soon as a single person was

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