The Capitalist Consumerist Ideology Exploits Human Needs

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The human civilization evolved from a primitive living condition to our modern society over several millenia. Although our needs and motives have changed in form and complexity, we stay basically tied to our innate biological necessities. We are still motivated by search for food, sex, security, exploratory and pleasure-seeking behaviours more than anything else. Our understanding of those essential needs and motives may help to make us more in harmony with our human nature and less inclined to exaggerate our needs or our desires. A widespread consumerist capitalist world view tries to make us believe in false fictitious needs which are not essential for human happiness and satisfaction.

Before the discovery of agriculture, early humans spent a good deal of their time searching for food either by gathering fruits or hunting animals. Hunting helped human to develop language. Agriculture provided food for much more people and the food provision was more predictable. Bigger human communities sprang into existence around such reliable sources of sustenance on the fertile land along rivers.

Food is still a major item on our shopping list and we spend a lot of time to secure income for food, to buy and prepare food, to invite others for food and to go for eating out. Modern technology has helped to secure abundance of food and introduced more tasty and attractive varieties. We are facing an epidemic of obesity although there are still famines in some parts of the world. Centuries ago famines and starvation was a common danger facing human society. Wars broke out in the past between communities and nations competing for food and water resources, in particular when drought made food scarcer. We are still living in a world were wars ...

... middle of paper ... it safer and more secure.

Human society has made big steps in making our life better, safer and satisfactory to our needs. We are still motivated by these basic needs which forms the core of our activity day after day. Our food is more abundant and easy to get, and we eat more than needed for a healthy life style. We are preoccupied by sex as a pleasure more than as a need for a satisfactory mutual reproductive life. A Capitalist consumerist ideology exploits human needs to satisfy greed of business moguls who cultivate a culture of artificial needs. Advertisement and social pressure make many believe they are deprived if they do not get their hands on the most fashionable products of modern industry as a sign of social status and attractiveness. We started to suffer from over-satisfaction of our needs and self-indulgence in a hedonistic search for happiness.