The Book of Proverbs

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The Book of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs explains the wisdom of the Lord and the

duties towards God and our parents. We should praise God for his

wisdom because He created us and the world. God tells us that we need

to be prepared when we serve Him because He will judge us when we

die. We need to accept whatever falls upon us and make the best of it

like God would want us to do. The book of Proverbs tells us that we need

to cling on to Him which to me that means we should follow His

teachings and do whatever it takes to be with God so we can share in

God's life in heaven. When something bad happens to us and we don't

know how to handle it we can always pray to God for help, instead of

doing what may seem right to us may be wrong to God, that is why we

should pray to Him for help. If we trust in God then he will help us to

make the best of the situation. As long as we believe in God then he will

forgive us. I know that if we confess our sins often so that we don't forget

some of them later that he will forgive us as long as we are truly sorry for

them, we do our penance and we ask him for forgiveness then he will

forgive us. But if we don't do those things he will judge us when we die

and we will regret not doing them.

In chapter three it talks about our duties toward our parents. I

agree with what it says because they bring us into the world and raise us.

They also help us when we have problems in life by telling us why we

can't do something or why something is wrong. They also help us by

encouraging us, like doing good in school, practice hard for a sport, and

helping other people out when they too need help. I feel that if we didn't

have our parents to raise us and help us out w...

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...en we do wrong things and we all

should take the blame for what we do.

Chapter sixteen tells us what God's punishment of sinners are. I

know that if we disobey God and not lead a life that he wants us to that

we will end up in purgatory or maybe hell. We can be with God if we

confess our sins and try to lead a good life.

In chapter twenty-one it tells us that sin must be avoided.

Everyone sins everyday but to try and avoid it you must not sin allot

otherwise you will get in a bad habit and sin even more. But when we do

sin we need to pray to God so that he can forgive us and to also go to

confession so our soul isn't crowed with sin and also so that we can

share in God's life in heaven.

The book of Proverbs tells us allot about how God wants us to act

and what we should believe in so that when we are judged we can be

with God in heaven.
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