The Biological and Psychoanalytical Perspectives in Psychology

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In this essay the author will throughout compare the biological and psychoanalytical key features and core assumptions in psychology and show in what ways they are similar for example both being deterministic in there key features and core assumptions also how they differ for example the way they treat individuals with the same disorder differently.
The biological perspective core assumptions suggest our nervous system performs functions like our behaviour, experiences and movements (Carlson 2010). The biological approach tries to understand the relationship between an individual’s mind and body and also the influence of heredity on their behaviour (Glassman and Hadad 2013). However psychoanalytical approach created by Sigmund Freud (Goodwin 2005) core assumptions are less scientific as it focuses on more unobservable and less measureable aspects like the Id, ego and superego as well as the psychosexual theory of personality. The psychoanalytical approach attempts to understand individual’s behaviours by analysing how personality is shaped by past experiences and the working of the mind (Glassman and Hadad 2013).
On one hand both biological and psychoanalytic perspective are similar as they both take a deterministic approach in psychology when it comes to their core assumptions and key features, this means they both believe that human beings possess something inside themselves which can produce an effect on their own behaviour (Bell 2005) as biological researchers tend to view behaviour as being purely physical (Gasman and Hadad 2013) this meaning that it is a biological abnormalities that controls our behaviour.
The biological perspective would suggest that any abnormalities that we may have are a result of error’s occurri...

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