The Big Bang Of Theory

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If you feel unhappy, the TV program named “The Big bang of theory” would be one good choice for you to relax yourself. It is full of laughing points, but it does not just one simply comedy. The life philosophy and dealing skills are also mentioned in this TV program. If you watch this teleplay very carefully, you would find it has a lot of wisdoms and you might change your lifestyles a little bit to achieve better side.
The characteristics in this teleplay are depicted vividly. The main roles in Big Bang Theory are Leonard and Sheldon, they are roommates and best friends. Both of them have higher Intelligence Quotient than normal people. They know a lot of science knowledge backwards, even during their normal conversation they still use a huge number of technical term. For example, Sheldon sometimes use Klingon Language to express his emotion, it sounds amazing, because seldom people will use this kind of special language. Actually, Sheldon think it is the perfect man-made language expect the World’s language even though it comes from the movie “Star Trek”. They immerse themselves in what they really like but such as ability of social etiquette are degraded. They have two mutual friends: Howard and Rejesh. Howard thinks himself as a playboy who can use six kinds of different language to attract the beautiful girl, but always have the opposite effects. Rejesh has one totally different characteristics than Howard, it seems he has suffered serious: “Disorder with the opposite sex Symptoms”. He is unable to speak when some girls around unless he is drunk. With their neighbour girl named Penny, these guys begin the story which makes people uproarious.
The audiences of Big Bang are very widely.They are not just satisfi...

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...ode 11, Big Bang Theory). These would not be very formal,but when the international students want to talk to their foreign friends, those could be very useful. Besides that, some physical or astronomy knowledge also be included. All of principle comes from the University professor or some professional scientist, so people could try to accept those certified knowledge.(sometimes it will be hard because of the speed of speaking.)
Why not fast action? Open your computer or television. If you start watching some episodes of Big Bang Theory, I promise that you will fall in love with it. Most importantly, you will longing for that kind of harmonious life which full of happiness and tears.Our lives need to be fill of colorful. In addition, All of us could be best painter to draw our own dream.Like what Sheldon said in teleplay “I am the master of my life” Let’s go!

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