The Best Ruler is Genghis Kahn

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There have been many great leaders in the past. Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and even Caesar met with struggle on their rise to the top. Genghis Khan could possibly have been the most interesting and prominent of all. To prove that Khan was the best ruler, we must go back to the start of his life. We must view such problems as; his struggle for power and how his childhood would affect his ruling later on, his military and personal achievements and lastly, his final conquests.
Genghis was initially born as Temujin in the late 1600’s. He learned early from his father to be a great leader and a tremendous fighter. By 1206, an assembly of Mongolian chieftains renamed him Genghis Khan, this meant invincible prince. This was a daring move for the group. They obviously saw major leadership qualities in Genghis that others couldn’t. When Genghis was little, his chieftain father poisoned leaving behind him and his mother. Many of the tribe members felt as if Temujin was to you to be chief. Another tribe chief proclaimed himself as the leader of the Mongols. Throughout these years, his famil...
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