Mongol Empire Research Paper

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The Mongol empire and Alexander The Great’s empire were two of the most interesting and powerful empires of all time. Yet, even with many similarities there are many differences as well between these two great empires. The Mongol empire began during the 13th and 14th centuries in which it was the largest land empire in all of world history. It was located beginning in the Central Asia and eventually spread all the way to Central Europe. Alexander The Great’s empire, Macedonia, was a Greek empire located in Central Greece. Both of these giant civilizations became the biggest empires the world has ever seen.
The Mongol Empire was a very powerful which conquered more land in two years than the Romans did in 400 years. Also, they controlled more than eleven million square miles. The Mongols were very important because they created nations like Russia and Korea, smashed the feudal system and created international law, and created the first free trade zone. In the beginning of the Mongol Empire, they mostly lived in foothills bordering the Siberian forests mixing heroing and hunting. They also became really good at archery and riding horses. The main reason the Mongols came to be so powerful was all because of a man named Genghis Kahn. Genghis was born around 1162 with the name Temujin. Due to the death of his father, Temujin was left under the control of his older brothers. Soon enough, he was married to a woman named Borte. Borte was later kidnapped, in which Temujin proved his military skills when saving her. Not to long after this, Temujin became the leader of his tribe. Yet, to unite the Mongol confederations it required a civil war, which Temijun ended up winning. After proving his skills and loyalty, Temijun was declared the Gr...

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...erfect as they seemed and Genghis and Alex both couldn’t hold together empires very well. As far as differences, Alexander the Great’s empire started in Greece and conquered mostly Europe while Genghis Kahn’s empire started in Asia and spread throughout Asia and Europe. After death, Genghis Kahn had grandchildren who took over his legacy where as Alexander didn’t. In general, the Mongols conquered more land then the Greeks making them a bit more powerful and more influential.
As you can see, these two empires were some of the greatest the world has ever seen. They also had two of the greatest leaders in world history that are known around the globe. With very little differences between the two, the empires were similar in many ways, which is very interesting and incredible that two different empires starting in different places and time periods could be so alike.
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