The Benefits Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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I’ve been going through different treatments within the mental illness practicing for the last year due to my depression and anxiety. Before Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I tried the wrong methods, my breaking point before therapy was locking myself in my apartment for a month not willing to talk to anyone. I refused to go to work. I refused to do anything but cry. Being a Phlebotomist in a hospital, I refused to take medications because I didn’t want to lack my greatness and lose any love that I have while drawing a patients’ blood. I was scared of being labeled so I did my research on the best treatment for anxiety and depression. Due to my depression getting worse, I decided to set an appointment to a therapist. My first therapy session was my first breathe of relief. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy saved my life.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is short-term, but one of the most used and effectiveness of treatments for mental illness. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a goal oriented, hands-on therapy treatment. Its objective
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The greatest benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are increasing the quality of life and ability to recognize the need for medical help and receiving treatment. In a person whom receiving treatment under Cognitive Behavioral Therapy reducing incidents of self-harm becomes another benefit. There is an increasing improvement in social skills. The person becomes better functioning within unfamiliar situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy improves emotional expressions and decreases the persons’ outbursts. Other benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are reversing negative patterns of thinking and feelings, setting goals to replace negative patterns of behavior with positive ones, learning new ways to reinforce self-help techniques. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps improves performance at school, at home, in social situations and increases in
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