The Beat Generation

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The Beat Generation was an influence on the American society during the twentieth century on how they portrayed the way of the American dream through performing arts. It all began in the 1950’s where a bunch of writers got together to right about how much they resented the postwar society (Sterritt, 1). It was right after War World II had past and the postwar age was very unsettling for the beat writers. It was turning into a conservative lifestyle and the beats wanted a way of showing that there writings would make an impact of what and how they thought of society and postwar. They too, like many others were effected greatly by the war and wanted a way of rebelling towards all the pain they went through during the war. This began the introduction of the Beat Generation.
The Beat Generation Quickly became known by their very aggressive way of writing. Their writing included from what people from the American society thought to be disrespectful and offensive type of writing, where they included Sex, drugs, race, and Rock n Roll in every one of their writings. They did this to simply make a statement. A statement that suggests that they do not care who they offend, they did this to tell their side of the story on how they thought postwar society had turned into, and how they wanted to rebel in regards of how the American culture turned into because of it. They loved that all of their works were involved with drugs, sex, and music because they were fascinated with it all (Sterritt, 2) and once some of their works came out everyone immediately knew who they were. This is what was known as a rebirth of a new world that influenced the twentieth century in a way that no one will ever forget.
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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the beat generation was an influence on american society during the twentieth century on how they portrayed the american dream through performing arts.
  • Analyzes how the beat generation became known for their aggressive way of writing. they included sex, drugs, race, and rock n roll in every one of their writings.
  • Explains how jack kerouac and the rest of the beat writers became recognized and known after the beat generation became a legacy.
  • Explains that jack kerouac wanted to explore the world and experience different aspects of life so he could write about them. one of his first novels was called desolation angels.
  • Analyzes how jack kerouac wrote his novels strictly from notes he had taken while being a fire lookout at desolation peak.
  • Analyzes how jack discovers what real music is about and how beat writers reflected upon it as music that fit in with their aspect of life.
  • Analyzes how jack learned from everyone he met that life was about doing drugs, having sex whenever you wanted, and not impressing anyone at the same time.
  • Analyzes how jack's book left a scare on american society because they despised the beat writers because there work is aggressive and offensive.
  • Analyzes how jack kerouac grew up with a simple life until he lost one of his brothers through an accident, which brought him down and made him feel helpless, thus began his alcohol addiction.
  • Describes william burroughs as the oldest beat writer of the generation. he experienced the wars before and after, so his knowledge of writing and society became more developed.
  • Analyzes how allen ginsberg's poem "howl" helped the beat generation take off by reassuring the american society that they were not the ones that destroyed the minds of the generation.
  • Analyzes how the beat generation faded out around the 1970's just before ronald reagan became in charge of office. it was a postwar rebellion that will now be seen as tragic error but to others the best thing that ever happened to the american society.
  • Opines that the beats were despised by many because they chose a different path to express who they were by speaking what was on their minds and not holding back. they wanted to make an influence in this world by inspiring others with their mission and writings that proved to inspire and frighten others throughout the 20th century.
  • Analyzes how jack kerouac, william burroughs, allen ginsberg and all the other beat writers lived a great life. they experienced hard addicting drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, and music throughout their lives.
  • Opines that even though some of these men died tragic deaths, they were able to create and inspire many people by their preforming arts.
  • Explains charters, ann, and samuel. brother-souls: john clellon holmes, jack kerouac and the beat generation.
  • Explains morgan, bill, the beat generation in san francisco: a literary tour.
  • States that raskin jonah, american scream: allen ginsberg’s howl and the making of the beat generation berkeley, ca: university of california press, 2004.
  • Reviews whaley preston's blows like a horn: beat writing, jazz, style, and markets in the transformation of u.s. culture.

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