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  • Jack Kerouac

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    Jack Kerouac In the beginning Jack Kerouac lived a wild and exciting life outside the realm of everyday "normal" American life. Though On the Road and The Dharma Bums were Kerouac's only commercial sucesses, he was a man who changed American literature and pop-culture. Kerouac virtually created a life-style devoted to life, art, literature, music, and poetry. When his movement grew out of his control, he came to despise it, and died lonely on the other side of what he once loved and cherished

  • The Individualistic Themes Of Jack Kerouac

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    Eddie Czuba Mr. Plutko English III March 11, 2014 Thesis Rough Draft Jack Kerouac does not fit stereotypical aspects that one might think a normal author might have. To most an author is a calm person who works on his or her book, developing new ideas and puts time and passion into writing their novel. To put it in perspective our idea of insanity is Jack Kerouac’s idea of normal. Throughout Kerouac’s many adventures across America he finds out what type of person he is shaping himself into. The

  • The Life of Jack Kerouac

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    Jack Kerouac Born March 12, 1922, to French Canadian parents, Jack Kerouac’s given name was Jean Louis Kirouac. He grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, surrounded with his two great loves, football and the written word. He spoke a French dialect in which some of his later works were written, finally learning English at school, aged six. His athletic skills later earned him a scholarship to Columbia University. He wrote many pieces for the school paper while a fractured tibia forced him from the team

  • Jack Kerouac On The Road Banned

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    On the Road by Jack Kerouac, author during the Beats’ generation, is largely considered a novel that defined a generation. Despite this consideration, however, there are very many controversies linked to this book. Though many call the novel offensive, unexciting, and poorly written, Kerouac deserves the entirety of the acclamations he has received over the years as the result of his roman á clef. Along with literary classics such as The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird

  • Jack Kerouac and The Beat

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    Jack Kerouac and The Beat Jack Kerouac, was born on March 12, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts, as the youngest of three children.  Jack decided to be a writer after his brother Gerard died at the age of nine.  From the life and death experience of his brother's death, and the Catholic faith of his childhood, he developed a spiritual tendency in his character that would last throughout his life.  The fact that Kerouac was a spiritual "seeker," may be the most vital aspect of his life.  In post

  • Jack Kerouac Research Paper

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    Alexa Leo Mrs. Garvey English III Honors 21 January 2016 The Life of Jack Kerouac The iconoclast of the Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac, was born in Lowell, Massachusetts on March 12, 1922 to a French Canadian Family. Kerouac was a serious child, devoted to his controlling mother. From a young age, he created stories inspired first by the media surrounding him, such as radio shows and later by the novels of Thomas Wolfe, the writer he would model himself after. As a result of the decline of the economy

  • On the Road by Jack Kerouac

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    On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, is an honest story of a friendship, and four trips across America. The narrator is Sal Paradise, an aspiring novelist who lives with his aunt in New Jersey. Sal’s best friend is Dean Moriarty. Sal idolizes Dean for his laidback cowboy style, his ease with women, and his all around joy in living. Over the course of the book, Dean marries, divorces, makes love to, and impregnates numerous women. Sal is considerably less promiscuous, but he doesn’t seem to hold

  • The Town and the City by Jean-Louis Kerouac aka Jack

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    Jean-Louis Kerouac aka Jack was born on March 12th, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts to Leo and Gabrielle who were immigrants from Quebec, Canada. Kerouac learned to speak French at home then he learned how to speak English at school. His father owned a print shop and his mother stayed a home. In the summer of 1926 Jack's older brother Gerard died of rheumatic fever at nine years old. The family was overcome by grief and became more involved in church as is shown in some of his books. Jack loved to play

  • The Remarkable Life of Jack Kerouac

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    you ask may that be? Jack Kerouac, "The King of The Beats", and one of the founding fathers of the Beat Generation. The American writer Jack Kerouac became the leading chronicler of the beat generation, a term that he used to label a social and literary movement in the 1950s. After studying briefly at Columbia University, he achieved fame with his spontaneous and alternative writing style, particularly the novel On the Road (1957). After the success of this work Kerouac produced a series of similar

  • Jack Kerouac: The King Of The Beats And The Beat Generation

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    the most famous of the generation was Jack Kerouac. Kerouac, a writer who was fascinated with jazz, drugs and philosophy embodied this counter culture lifestyle, even taking on the title, “king of the beats.” Wildly passionate for new experiences, Kerouac saw himself as a spy in someone else's body, an observer in/of the world recording through the keyhole of his eye living in such a way that he would eventually document and compose into his masterpiece. Kerouac opened the eyes...

  • A Comparison of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac

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    A Comparison of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac Why. Excuse me. Why. Does. Excuse. Why me. I mean. Excuse me. Why. Does. It . Always end up this way. Like this. A performance. It's my best excuse. And. I'm on the wagon. Again. Why. Excuses. Sitting in the state of a daydream. No. Falling. A performance. Why what it comes down to. Poetry. And. My two main men. Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. Both use their individual voice to perform the buddhistic beat they feel is part of their poetry/ their

  • Literary Movements: Jack Kerouac, Carr, And Allen Ginsberg

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    hipsters suddenly rising and roaming America” (Kerouac 13), who wrote their own style of literature while on their bohemian travels. The Beats were the founders of the American counterculture

  • Comparing Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac

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    Comparing Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac I. Introduction It has never been an uncommon thing for one to retreat to nature in an attempt to ‘find one’s self,’ and somewhat cliché these days is the retreat to nature to ‘find God.’ Hundreds of books, essays, seminars, and retreats devote themselves to helping one understand how to find enlightenment and healing through connecting with nature. It is a phenomenon that transcends religious boundaries—everyone, from Buddhists to Christian Mystics to

  • The Beat Generation: Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg

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    “It was John Kerouac…who several years ago…said ‘You know, this really is a beat generation…” (Moran and Gannon). The Beat Generation or also known as, “Beats” is a name that was used to characterize the leaders of the movement in the 1950’s that sailed through the American culture post World War II as a balance to the suburban conformity and organization - man model that controlled that time period (Moran and Gannon). The Beat Generation was a different kind of group that went against the norms

  • What Is The Breakdown Of Jack Kerouac's On The Road?

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    The Philosophical Breakdown of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” The 1940’s was a hectic time period that spawned many different movements due to society's hunger for change. Jack Kerouac’s On the Road was a novel inspired by the his own experiences. His life, time period, and philosophy are all woven into his piece. In “On the Road”, Kerouac uses his life experiences to weave an intricate story that kick started the Beat Movement by inspiring an entire generation to live life to the fullest. It is important

  • The Beat Generation

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    nauseas of all kinds, is the remembrance of some lost bliss that was probably experienced in the womb and can only be reproduced (though we hate to admit it) in death." (Kerouac, Jack. “On the road.”). This quote, from Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road, is a brilliant example of the overall feel of the Beat Generation. Jack Kerouac is one of the most influential writers of the Beat Generation, rivaled only by the likes of Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burrough. But what exactly is the Beat Generation

  • Survey of American Literature

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    influential and celebrated authors. Jack Kerouac has become a well known writer whose nontraditional style has led him to fame. In Jack Kerouac’s writings, he used a stream of consciousness, spoke chaotic and randomly, and used long run on sentences. In “Big Sur”, Kerouac uses run on sentences that reach around 9 lines long. In the conservative 1950s, his stream of consciousness approach to writing was unheard of. Kerouac’s style was revolutionary for his time. Kerouac is, “regarded as a liberator of

  • The Dharma Bums Literary Analysis

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    Published in 1958, Jack Kerouac’s, The Dharma Bums is a short novel depicting the adventures and newfound buddhist ideals of Kerouac and his friends. Like many of Kerouac’s other novels, The Dharma Bums contains stories of mad partying, immense drinking, and forms of transcendence and escapism. Although, The Dharma Bums differs from Kerouac’s other novels in the way that it goes about finding transcendence. For example, instead of simply letting go of responsibility, inhibition, and social norms

  • Getting Hep to the Beat

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    Getting Hep to the Beat In the mid 1940’s a movement began, a generation of writers and poets would emerge; they were called the ‘Beat Generation’. The term was first used by Jack Kerouac while talking to fellow writer John C. Holmes, in 1948, Kerouac said to him, “So I guess you might say we’re the beat generation” (What’s Beat). The ‘Beat Generation’ was a movement that influenced the next generation of young rebellious minds of the 1950’s and ‘60’s through poets and writers who did not follow

  • The Beat Generation

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    twentieth century in a way that no one will ever forget. After the Beat Generation became Known Ja... ... middle of paper ... ...and the Beat Generation. Jackson: University of Mississippi, 2010. Print. Jack Kerouac: Road Novels, 1957-1960." Barnes & Noble. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Dec. 2013. Kerouac, Jack. Desolation Angels. New York: Riverhead, 1995. Print. Morgan, Bill. The Beat Generation in San Francisco: A Literary Tour. San Francisco: City Lights, 2003. Print. Sterritt, David. The Beats: A Very Short