Rock N Roll Influence

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Rock ‘N’ Roll: A Turn In Society

Rock ‘n’ Roll began to boom in the 1950’s. The music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and of course Elvis Presley quickly became popular to the younger American generation. As for most parents or older Americans, they were afraid that this new style of music would promote sex and rebellious behavior. Rock ‘n’ Roll music however, did so much more for the United States in the 1950’s and 60’s. Because it started in the black culture, Rock ‘n’ Roll was bound to change American views on race. This music also lead to the thought of children growing up way earlier than they used to, creating the new term, teenager, or the time between being a child and being an adult. It was teenagers out of all the American generations at this time who really became influenced by Rock ‘n’ Roll. Rock ‘n’ Roll was the only kind of music that talked about how they, as teenagers, truly felt about growing up and wanting their independence as an adult. Rock ‘n’ Roll was thought to have changed American society because of the ways it portrayed sexual behavior and black rights, but it simply reflected the changes that were already underway .
While the 1950s and 60s were a time of segregation in America. Most Americans, especially older individuals and groups found the beat and lyrics to Rock ‘n’ Roll sickening. It reminded them of a kind of African American type music. They didn’t like the fact that their children were listening to it because “Rock ‘n’ Roll was credited with and criticized for promoting integration and economic opportunity for blacks while bringing to ‘mainstream’ culture black styles and values.” While Americans began to feel that they were beginning to grow closer and closer to the ways of Afr...

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...g gap between races, or the promoted sexual behavior, they had to learn to cope with the fact that society had changed and that times were different from when they were teenagers themselves. Many parents were even jealous of their children and the new lifestyle they were getting the opportunity to live just like their own children would be jealous of all the changes and new opportunities their own children would have in the future. The change in children growing up and becoming independent at a younger age continues from the 50’s and 60’s all the way up to the present. Back then they had rock ‘n’ roll which their parents despised? While today American children and teenagers favor the newer genres of rap, hip hop, dub step and todays country and their parents finally understand and feel how their parents and grandparents felt about their own ‘crazy’ music growing up.
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