The Art of Body Building

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Many of us dream to acquire a beautiful body, But how are we to achieve said dream you ask? Weight training or, as other would call it, "body building" is the method that some people would use to become healthy and get an amazing body. Body building goes way back to when people would use stones and rocks in the 1800s during Greek and Egyptian times.(Stephen Tradio) Though hard to believe, it is in fact the truth. What is body building, you may ask? Body building is literally building your body through phases including diet, lifestyle, and lifting weights. First, Nutrition, A large percentage of a bodybuilder's success is determined by how well they use knowledge to nutrition. The limiting factor to thesuccess of your workout is what happens after you leave the gym. To explain, Nutrition consists of macronutrients and micronutrients. The macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water.(Richard Ramos) The micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The best source of nutrition is through whole foods. A bodybuilder should never allow the use of supplements to overcome the consumption of whole foods. For a bodybuilder the most confusing part about the sport is making sure of good nutrition and diet. Well, ever herd “What you are is what you eat?” Its true! Most bodybuilders watch what they eat in their diet, If you workout without dieting, you're workouts are pointless. Plus you need to watch you're CALORIES! That being said, if you Put in more then you burn from a workout you end up burning all your calories, and whats left is used to create muscle. 500 calories in a pound of fat. For a client to gain one pound of muscle per week, you need to make sure that every seven days they (Muscles) have consume... ... middle of paper ... Throughout the time the effects only have positive outcomes in the way that they will be healthy and will probably remain muscular, for a long period of time. With the size of the muscle fibers being so tremendous, this will not have a negative effect on their body in later years.(Marcos ravaly) So bodybuilding does not harm the body, unless the bodybuilder was irresponsible with their choice of supplement. With becoming a successful bodybuilder there are many requirements that need to be fulfilled. They need to be dedicated to the sport, and always have a positive frame of mind. They have to have the right diet and take the right supplements. If the requirements are not met then a bodybuilder will not succeed. Finally Body building is literally building your body through phases including diet, lifestyle, and lifting weights. This is what complete a Bodybuilder!

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