The Application Of Prism Of Sustainability

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Analysis The application of prism of sustainability Environmental Impact- This paper shows some environmental factors that can be applied for Green HRM. Green HRM is a basic concept that supports the employees to be more concern about the environmental friendly situation to achieve goals in an organization. Green HRM has two dimensions. First one is the environmental practices. Second one is reducing carbon footprint from printing paper, video conferencing and interviews. Also Green HRM helps the organization to cut cost and keep the employees for a long time. To develop Green HRM employees need to give their fullest effort and support. Without the employees’ motivation and efficiencies, it is impossible to implement Green HRM in an organization. (Mishra & Rani, 2014, p.3634) Employees can manage Green HRM in an organization by doing small activities. Here are few methods. (Anton & Opatha, 2014, p.106) 1. Use natural water for drinking without using refrigerated water (save the electricity). 2. Take print outs or to write use both sides of the paper (prevent cutting trees). 3. Put plants in your office to breath fresh air. 4. Use garbage for recycling. 5. Follow new methods for waste reduction and pollution. There are so many steps that we can follow to protect the Green HRM in our organizations. Organizations have now found solutions for the environmental pollution by innovating new products using new technology. New technology enhances the organizations to develop biotech products that will reduce environmental damage for the society. It means gaining a new technology will seek new sources of energy to minimize the practice of using natural resources. Therefore organizations must find more attempts to do many researchers on n... ... middle of paper ... ...nizations. • Company must encourage employees to participate many community activities. • Implement green manufacturing. To establish a better sustainable environment Green HRM is the major key to all the employees, managers and for the customers in the organization. Reference Sushma Rani, Dr. K. Mishra, Nov 14 Volume 2 Issue 11, “Green HRM: Practices and Strategic Implementation in the Organizations”, International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication (IJRITCC), ISSN: 2321-8169, PP: 3633 - 3639 Impact Factor & Indexing Opatha, H. H., &Arulrajah, A. A. (2014).Green Human Resource Management: Simplified General Reflections. IBR, 7(8). doi:10.5539/ibr.v7n8p101 Green hrm. (n.d.). Retrieved 24th January 2016 from

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