The Analysis of Skill Acquisition

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The Analysis of Skill Acquisition Introduction- ============= In this assessment I am going to complete three tasks, for the first task I am going to identify, discuss and analyse skill classification. For the second task, I am going to identify the characteristics of skill and ability. For the third task, I am going to describe and explain the difference between skill and ability. Gross and Fine Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills-- These types of skill always involve large muscular movement within the body and require a low level of expertise. An example of this could be someone doing weight lifting. Fine Motor Skills-- These types of skill involve more delicate and controlled muscular movements they can also be refined and practised. The most common daily fine motor skill is writing. These skills can be put onto a continuum like this one. [IMAGE]Open and Closed Skills Open skills-- sports such as basketball, Football, rugby, and netball usually involve open skills. This is because the environment is constantly changing and so movements the player makes have to be continually adapted. When the environment is changing this could include the weather, other players, the pitch or the crowd interfering with the performance from the player in the game. In football, the factor that makes it an open skilled game is that you can be tackled at anytime during the game. Apart from kick off, a throw in, a goal kick, penalty or free kick. Closed skills-- These skills have the performer knowing exactly what to do and when. The environment does not affect the Skill as it is not constantly changing. The performer will know that they will not have anyone about to tackle him or her. For example, a free throw in Basketball, and serving in Tennis. However in a closed skilled environment e.g. darts, there could still be a crowd and that would make the environment unstable. The open and closed skills can be out on a continuum like this one where you can see how open or how closed
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