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  • The Dilemma: An Open Or Closed Pedagogy

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    The Dilemma: An Open Or Closed Pedagogy With lifelong effects, teachers impact the quantity, quality, and overall enjoyment of the educational experience. Their effect dilutes itself the classroom, into present life, and even the future. In the classroom, they mold and guide youth in their lifelong quest to search for the truth and their own voice in the world. Yet their influence does not stop at the classroom door. In fact, teachers have a profound impact on morals, creativity, and even

  • Behind Closed Doors

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    Behind Closed Doors Over the years, many people have believed that the issue of sexual harassment should not be discussed in public. Sexual harassment was to be discussed behind closed doors. In spite of this, the social and political systems have changed instantaneously. This social problem has affected men and women throughout time; however, it seems that the women of our society more closely look at this issue. This social topic has encouraged women to establish organizations in order to help

  • Open Theism vs. Closed Theism

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    Open Theism vs. Closed Theism This topic is one that has had my curiosity piqued for the last few years and is one I have made a point of discussing with many people over the course of that time. I have heard many different viewpoints, some who have been adamant for God's omniscience and knowledge of the future and others who have presented compelling arguments for free will. Most, however are of a third category who have come to grips with the fact that our mere brains cannot understand the workings

  • KaleidoscopeArt Behind Closed Doors

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    KaleidoscopeArt Behind Closed Doors Before you begin reading this paper, look through the appendix. Are you shocked? Disgusted? Intrigued? Viewers of such controversial artwork often experience a wide spectrum of reactions ranging from the petrified to the pleased. Questions may arise within the viewer regarding the artistic merit and legitimacy of this unorthodox artwork. However, art's primary purpose, according to Maya Angelou, “is to serve humanity. Art that does not increase

  • Open Source Software Versus Closed Source Software

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    In the beginning there was closed source software and it was good for a while. What is closed source software exactly? Closed source software is the idea that no one can view yet alone change the source code of the software. Source code is the building blocks of software. On the other hand, there is open source software. There are three certain rights that people have with open source software. These rights are: “The right to make copies of the program and distribute those copies, the right

  • A Closed Family In Anne Tyler's Dinner At The Homesick Restaraunt

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    A Closed Family: Growth Through Suffering The novel Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant is one of Tyler’s more complex because it involves not only the growth of the mother, Pearl Tull, but each of her children as well. Pearl must except her faults in raising her children, and her children must all face their own loneliness, jealousy, or imperfection. It is in doing this that they find connections to their family. They find growth through suffering. “Cody Tull, the oldest child and the one most

  • Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the Workplace

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    Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the Workplace Introduction The next generation approaching adulthood has a new challenge; growing up during the technological revolution and believing being monitored is way of life. Generation Y, as they are termed, will grow up thinking it is normal for video cameras to be on every street corner, at work, automatic teller machines, and one day in every home as a security device. They may grow up having “Big Brother” in the workplace applying constant

  • Adoption, Closed Adoption And Private Adoption

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    who they are, where they came from, and their medical background be close to right? How can being for sealed records ever help the ones who really need the support? When you are adopted there are many different kinds of adoptions like open adoption, closed adoption and private adoption. Although adoption is great, only one out of the three types of adoption have open records. A upon finalization of adoption birth records and court records of any kind are sealed. Most people will tell you that it’s because

  • Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality and Control

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    Closed Circuit Television Promotes Social Inequality and Control In recent years there has been a growing trend involving the use of closed circuit television cameras. Many businesses are using these cameras to monitor shoppers large metropolitan areas have started using these systems to view people in public areas.These cameras can be extremely small and are often hardly noticeable. But few people it seems have stopped to consider the possible impacts these cameras have on our lives. And

  • Closed Interviews

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    Closed question interviews are questions that involve partakers to choose or select a number of responses that are determined by the interviewer. There are extensive selections of different types of closed interview questions. For an example, a person may choose multiple choice, check boxes, drop down, semantic differential, scale ranking and many more (Penwarden 1). These questions are normally used for confirmatory research to test hypothesis (Royce 182). Therefore, using this methodology is very

  • The Problem with Presidential Primaries

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    instantly make him/her a front-runner. While this element is standard among the two parties, the remaining structure of the primary system differs between the two main political parties. While both the Democratic and Republican parties hold open and closed primaries, the two parties hold many of their state primaries on separate dates. Additionally, the two parties have different rules that determine how each state’s delegates are allotted. The Democrats practice the proportional representation method

  • The Unemotional Meursault in The Stranger by Albert Camus

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    Meursault also wishes that the funeral were already over so that, “the case would be closed, and everything will have a more official feel to it.” On the way to the funeral Meursault is greatly affected by the sounds and smells of the bus and sleeps the whole way to escape his physical discomfort.  When he arrives at the home the caretaker asks him if he would like to see his mother one last time before the casket is closed and he declines.  Sitting down near the casket, his attention is focused not on

  • Who Are We?

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    turn to rubble. Eyes closed. Mind free. Confusion is embraced by our dreams. Eyes closed. Mind free. When the mouth is silenced you can see much more. Eyes closed. Mind free. Life is not just a roll of the dice or a conscience decision. Eyes closed. Mind free. The spontaneous thoughts of the unconsence personality result in one’s unique world. Eyes closed. Mind free. Every thought begins with a idea; think of an idea and many thoughts will follow. Eyes closed. Mind free. The thoughts

  • Existence of Two Worlds in One Doll House :Katherine Mansfield’s The Doll’s House

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    cause the two worlds to conflict (Beveridge 5). Lastly a key aspect of the doll house that is used to represent the conflict between the two worlds is the ability it has to swing open. The openness of the doll house connects the views of children, the closed position illustrating the world of adults. Through these three features of the doll house, we are able to analyze the conflicting differences within the world of a child versus an adult. Through the contrasting narration of the ...

  • Social Effects of the Berlin Wall

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    early morning of that Sunday, most of the first work was done: the border to West Berlin was closed. The East German troops had begun to tear up streets and to install barbed wire entanglement and fences through Berlin. Between 1961 and today, the Berlin Wall saw many changes, and so did the people that it entrapped. Prior to the construction of the Berlin Wall, boarders between East and West Germany were closed in 1952 because of tension between Communists and Democratic superpowers and the only open

  • Understanding Family in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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    Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights", analyzes the relationships of the "closed family unit" to understand the relationships of the novel. A better understanding of Wuthering Heights can be seen in Bump's examples of the contagious nature of hostility, abuse and addiction upon the two generations. The only escape for the second generation from the negative impression from the first generation is through intervention from outside the closed family unit. HOSTILITY At the beginning of the novel, Lockwood

  • A Lost Friend

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    In place of the smiling, laughing, charismatic girl with perfect posture, I see a stranger. She has folded into herself, nuzzling her nose between her knees and covering her face with her hands, elbows tucked in at her sides. Her sparkling eyes are closed, and her back heaves with each breath. I can almost hear the air rushing in and out of her nose as she tries to calm herself. It is my seventeenth birthday, and a bunch of my guy and girl friends have come over to celebrate and camp out in the

  • Rate of Reaction Coursework

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    thiosulphate. The temperature will be kept constant with a precise thermometer in the solution. The paper with the X on it will always be the same piece of paper. The room temperature will be kept constant because I will make sure the windows are closed. Sodium thiosulphate will be varied because that is the point of the experiment. The water will be varied to dilute the reaction. Scientific explanation In order for the sodium thiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid to react their particles

  • Reflective Essay On Social Class

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    This week in class we dealt with the subject of varying types of social structures. To start there are open and closed systems. An open systems allows for an individual to move up or down in society where as the closed system allows for no mobility. The only closed system I am familiar with is the caste system in India. In a closed social system you are born into your class and that is the same one you will grow up in. While discussing this subject it would be helpful to define class in the manner

  • My Experience with Domestic Violence

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    hands came toward me; I only patiently waited for the harsh sound of the strike. I would always remember his eyes right before I closed my own: pupils wide with rage, cold, and dark eyebrows clenched with hate. When it finally came, I never knew which fist hit me first, or which blow sent me to my knees because I could not bring myself to open my eyes. They were closed because I didn’t want to see what he had promised he would never do again. In the darkness of my mind, I could escape to a paradise