The American War Of Independence

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The American Revolution refers to a series of events and ideas in the latter half of the eighteenth century. That led the colonization of the thirteen states of North America spread from the British. It 's the creation of the United States of America. The two bourgeois revolutions in the United States are the adjustment of the superstructure to suit the development of the economic base. Including the American War of Independence and the Civil War, in the post-war, to some degree, it solves the social contradictions and class contradictions, to achieve national independence and national market unity. "American War of Independence," also known as the "American Revolutionary War," was a revolution between the British Empire and its thirteen colonies in North America, as well as a war between several European powers. In 1775; the Boston people fight British in the Lexington, and that opened the prelude of the independence war. Until 1783 the British surrendered and signed the "Paris Peace Treaty" in France. The American War of Independence was both a war of national independence and a bourgeois revolution. In 1607, the British came to the Atlantic coast of North America, began to build the first colony - Virginia. After the colonization, to the 1830s, the British have been established 13 colonies in the North Atlantic Coast. At this time the colonies have developed a large number of plantations, the establishment of the textile, iron, mining and other industries. The economy is relatively prosperous. After more than one hundred years of development, the British North American colonies economic ties increasingly close, the initial formation of a unified domestic market, and gradually produced a common culture. On this basis, the U... ... middle of paper ... ...f casualties exceeded 600,000, it abolished the black slavery system, solved the land problem of the peasants, safeguarded national unification and accelerated the development of American capitalism. Clearing the way and laying the groundwork for the United States to rank among the world 's great powers. The victory of the American War of Independence played an impetus effect to the modern bourgeois-democratic revolution in continental Europe and Latin America. It ended the British colonial ruling, and achieve the independence of the country, established a more democratic modern political system. The War of Independence was a democratic revolution, creating the world 's first federal presidential constitutional republic: the United States of America, and at the same time eradicating the remnants of the old colonial legacy, and slavery contract is basically abolished.
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