The American Dream in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

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The American Dream plays a significant role in the Of Mice and Men

novel, but the question I state my views on in this essay is how

significant it really is. I shall express every characters hopes and

dreams including Lennie and George’s, Curley’s wife, Crooks’, and last

of all Candy’s dream. While discussing each of these various fantasies

I will consider how important they are compared to the moral of the

story. Along with that, vital quotes will also be included if they

play a part with the character’s background and their own ‘American


The great depression was a worrying problem during the timing of Mice

and Men. Many people say this is the reason why dreams play a constant

role in the novel. The national predicament during those times forced

many workers to travel the country searching for employment deserting

there families. This forced the citizens of America to have an

ambition to avoid this dilemma occurring for the rest of there days.

The definition of a possibility of one of there dreams could be:

illusion, hope, ambition or an ideal.

The definition of an American Dream is: ‘The ownership of land

provides freedom and independence. Hard work and self sacrifice lead

to personal success and prosperity’. Each character strives for this,

in there own different manner. For example Lennie and George wish to

hold their own land while Curley’s wife wants to be in the acting

business situated in Hollywood. These at first may look very different

but when you think about they are extremely similar. While one wants

land and the other success they both lead to them constituting life,

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (stated by the American

forefather’s in the Declaration Of Independence).


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...iality for him,

he was near immediately put down by the racist abuse thrown by

Curley’s wife. As you study all the vital points and dreams you see a

setback in all of them. Lennie’s curiosity broke George’s and Candy’s

dream. Curley’s wife’s dream was ruined by her mother. And as I have

just mentioned the stable bucks’ dream was wrecked. The American dream

is the main theme in of Mice and Men so my eventual conclusion is that

it is extremely significant. The majority of the various personalities

in of mice and men have confessed to dreaming of a bigger and better

life at some stage. As Lennie did yet another act considered wrong, it

proved to George that the dream was sadly impossible. I believe that

John Steinbeck attempts to plant hints that the American Dream was

impossible to come true for the majority of the United States during

the great depression.
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