The Airbus A320

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In the past, the Airbus A320 is the best aircraft of the Airbus Company. It is can also flying across the continent for long distances. And In 1990, the Airbus Company decided to have a project to increase the number of aircraft for competing with other companies. So in 1994, the Airbus Company analyzed business-marketing opportunities; they decide to build a new larger aircraft, so in 2000, they official started the production of a brand new Airbus A380, which, was planned to be the world’s largest passenger aircraft, and also included 2 decks feature. The Airbus A380, once finished, came to revolutionize modern technology and industrial production. The Airbus A380’s parts and components were all produced and manufactured in countries around Europe. For example, West Factory made the wing, which comprises of more than 32, 000 pieces, from Broughton, England. A factory, in State, Germany, made the vertical tail. And the most important component of an aircraft, the cabin and fuselages, were made in Hamburg, Germany. The cabin comprised of 2 decks, each with 3 different class arrangements, and 525 standard passenger seats. The metal parts are manufactured with a new type of aluminum alloy and employ the usage of laser lights to seal the connections, making it sturdier and harder than the commonly used pin and knots. After the parts are all manufactured, it is then shipped to Toulouse, France, for assembly. The Airbus A380’s first flight took place in Toulouse, France, on April 27, 2005. And then it made its first Trans-Atlantic flight to Medellin, Colombia. In January 10, 2006, the company decided to test the engine’s performance at an airport located at a high altitude. These are some reasons why a lot of airlines choose to use the...

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...ncreased capacity and space, but also has a unique innovation and convenience for both the passengers the crew. Because of this, it may leave a memorable travel experience for all passengers. Because of all of this, Thai Airways International is also planning of buying an Airbus A380. And according to them, the standard cabin layout supports a total of 525 passengers, which will be then divided into the three classes of Thai Airways. The Royal First Class will have 12 passengers, the Royal Silk (Executive) Class with 60 passengers and for the Economy class with 435 passengers. Also, the A380 also has the approval of Thai Airways policy of “providing the best flying experience with the feeling of Thai.” This Customer Value Strategy will ensure that all aspects of Thai Airways’ flight presentation will reach every customer and leave him or her a memorable experience.

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