The Affordable Care Act Of Uninsured Americans

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The individual mandate and the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, is the idea that citizens should be required to have health insurance or otherwise pay a certain penalty. The Affordable Care Act essentially is the ability for all Americans to be able to afford health insurance. “One goal of the ACA, often referred to as the Affordable Care Act…is to bring down the costs of health care and make it available to more people.” (Will the Affordable Care Act improve health care in the United States?). The ACA was signed into law in March 2010 and currently ongoing. Although the Affordable Care Act does potentially have some positive effects to it, like bringing affordable health insurance to uninsured Americans; the Act does also have major flaws that should be viewed and changed. 2. Current Problems There are several current problems with the individual mandate and Affordable Care Act, the first of which being American taxpayers are responsible for cost overruns of the ACA. “Section 1342 of the ACA makes taxpayers responsible for bailing out insurance companies if the need to do so arises.” (MacKenzie, Tragic Problems With the (Un)Affordable Care Act). Although tax payers are legally obligated to finance federal programs such as the ACA, there are many who do not believe this is fiscally responsible. “Economist Laurence Kotlikoff estimates that average rates of taxation would have to rise 56% to cover projected increases in federal expenditures.” (MacKenzie, Tragic Problems With the (Un)Affordable Care Act). Therefore the American tax payers will never be able to supply the projected increases in this federal program, which makes national bankruptcy that much more likely to occur. Another problem with the ACA is the ... ... middle of paper ... ...kers and or not hire new workers, which does not promote job opportunities. In order to achieve a compromise with this viewpoint, the government should raise the limit on the amount of workers these corporations are allowed to have before they have to pay the insurance and penalties. This way there are more jobs available, but at the same time the government still has a firm grip on these corporations. 5. Conclusion The ACA is “an overreach of government power that will cause an unsustainable strain on state budgets. Opting in, they believe, will enlarge a flawed program, reduce jobs, and encourage dependence on the government.” (Is the expansion of Medicaid under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) good for states?) Although the ACA has the potential to be effective and beneficial it is nowhere near where it needs to be, and needs several changes.
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