The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel, in the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the main character, Tom, had shown marginal improvement in maturity throughout the book. "SO endeth this chronicle. It being strictly a history of a BOY" (281). This is a quote directly from the author, Mark Twain, at the end of the book, stating that this whole book is about only a boy, and one does not ascend from a boy to a young adult in a matter of time without maturing. Going about this, I believe that Tom showed maturity throughout the book, as his shenanigans got increasingly smaller and got replaced by acts of loyalty, making the reader question whether or not this is the same boy they read about in the beginning of the novel.
First off, he used his tricks for the good of his friend, rather than the selfishness of himself alone. When he went to go look for Huckleberry Finn, he found in his same old things that were rather unhealthy to his life (272). Tom was mature enough to see that and wanted to help him get on the right track. For if it were Tom in the beginning of the book, he would've joined Huck in a roun...
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