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    Mark Twain is known around the world because of his novels. He is beloved by many. Samuel Clemens was his real name, but he went by the pen name Mark Twain which is the name most know him by. He liked to write about the society around him. His writings were influenced by his experiences in life. He often wrote about the Mississippi River, which he lived on most of his life. Twain was a huge part of literature because of his many accomplishments. Which is why he is considered one of the greatest

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    Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was a world famous novelist whose works are still read and praised. Twain was a renowned American writer who wrote about his personal experience of the world and surroundings. In Twain’s memorable life he was a confederate soldier, a printer, a gold digger, business man, a riverboat pilot and above all he was a natural writer, who self-taught and entertained. His literary works are famous for their lifelike details, humor, and characters. Mark Twain is not just famous

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    and silver. When this venture failed, he returned to the newspapers and started writing under the pen name Mark Twain,which meant “ Two Fathoms.”(referring to 12 feet of water)(Marshall Donald,Newspaper West,P. 3 ) After writing ,”The Celebrated Leap Frog”, Mark Twain would become famous as a humorist, American Novelist, and Satire.(Rasmussen,PP. 6)(Marshall, Newspaper Week,P. 3) Mark Twain became a recognized American writer with critics like Bernard De Voto claiming “More widely and deeply than

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    Mark Twain was one of the greatest writers ever, using his style he made two of the most influential books ever. He has been through a lot and has succeeded anybodies expectations. He has been from job to job and has always been around writing. To be an author was all he wanted to be and he did not let anything stop him. The way he wrote was different, nobody had every seen that style before. Samuel Langhorne Clemens or more commonly known as Mark Twain was one of the best authors ever. He

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    Mark Twain Mark Twain is believed to be the father of all American literature. Twain was known for writing about issues of his time such as slavery, due to his style of honesty and truth he was known as one of the very first modernist writers. Mark Twain had many inspirations that motivated him to write his novels. The inspirations varied from events that he witnessed and experienced, people he met in his lifetime, other stories he read or heard about, and his environment. The writer known

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    Mark Twain has often been accused of being racist due to his derogatory writings of African-Americans in Huckleberry Finn, but he truly is an uneducated satire novelist who is inspired by his own childhood experiences, travels, and political movements, to mock what is wrong within his society. Critics such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People complained about the “N” language and the use of Jim the Slave in Huckleberry Finn stating that the book was racially biased

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    Mark Twain As one of America's first and foremost realists and humorists, Mark Twain, usually wrote about his own personal experiences and things he knew about from firsthand experience. # Two of his best-known novels show this trait, in his Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Twain immortalized the sleepy little town of Hannibal, Missouri

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    Twain Samuel Langhorne Clemens, later dubbed as “Mark Twain,” was born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835. He was the sixth child of Jane and John Clemens. Twain lived an uneventful life until, at the age of 4, he moved to Hannibal, Missouri. Soon after his departure from Hannibal, his father died after a lengthy battle with pneumonia. He continued living in Hannibal until the age of 17. Before leaving Hannibal, Twain had dropped out of school at age 12 to pursue work to support him and his

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    Mark Twain Mark Twain was born November 30, 1835 in Florida Missouri, child of John Marshall and Jane Lampton. He had 6 other siblings but only 3 of them survived. When Mark was 4 he moved withhis family moved to Hannibal Missouri. Eight years later he became a printer’s apprentice when he was 12 years old. Just after the fifth grade in 1847 he began working as typesetter and a contributor. He also did humorous sketches for the Hannibal Journal. Missouri was a very new state to the country and was

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    When Mark Twain was 18, he left Hannibal and worked as a printer in Incipient York City, Philadelphia, St. Missouri was a slave state and puerile Twain became acclimated with the institution of slavery, a theme he would later explore in his indictment. His parents met when his father peregrinate to Missouri and were espoused several years later, in 1823.When he was four, Twain's family peregrinate to Hannibal, Missouri, a port town on the Mississippi River that inspired the fictional town of St.