Tom Sawyer

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Have you ever liked a movie more than the book it was based on? A book being made into a movie is sometimes stressful when it could be a total hit or a total flop. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book by Mark Twain was a captivating book with details that molded well together. A movie was made in 1938 off of the book and I favored it over the book. The movie did leave me unsatisfied with its loss of an important scene that can cause confusion. Yet, the fast paced action scenes left me feeling enthralled and hooked. Adding on to that, the main character’s personality stayed true to the book without a feeling that something is missing. The movie, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is far more exciting and appealing because of its heart racing action and true characters that keep the audience glued to the screen.

The movie has left an unfavorable taste in my mouth with the unfortunate loss of Tom and Huck’s hunt for treasure. Huck and Tom were on a trek for treasure like pirates use to. They end up at a haunted house where they find Injun Joe and his partner discussing the location of a big sum of money. Huck and Tom listen intently with hope of finding the money. The first clue they used led them to a room in a tavern where Injun Joe laid passed out and drunk. Realizing the treasure isn’t located in a place but an area, they continue the search. Tom and Becky get lost in a cave while on a trip and eventually get rescued. Tom and Huck are about to give up when they realize the treasure is in the cave and retrieve it. The adventure and search of the treasure was an essential scene that should have been in the movie because, it shows how the treasure was found and its ties with Injun Joe.

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... fingertip. That is until he revealed that this isn’t his first engagement. Both the movie and the book honored Tom’s cheeky, tricking, and clever ways that left us laughing and smirking.

Although the movie missed an important scene, it managed to pull the audience back in through the action scenes and one charming main character. The treasure hunting really would have tied together all the characters and actions together without leaving the movie unsettled. The scary scenes with Injun Joe really brought the evil character to life all the way from his beginning to his dying end. Then to top off the whole movie, they brought in a curly haired Tom Sawyer. He was like a vision from the book with perfect attitude and slyness that keep you grinning. The movie is an engrossing film with points that leave you anxious and a saucy boy that you can’t help but love.
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