Thailand: Heart Warming, Beautiful Place

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Over all the countries and continents, the one that has caught the eye of most is Thailand. This country is unique in its own ways. The people are prideful of their land which every country has, but Thailand’s people have pride in the visitors visiting this amazing country. The land throughout the country is truly magnificent and beautiful. Step into a city in this county and it’s a site you will never forget. Thailand is located in Asia, southeast from China, Asia. Thailand’s population is about 63,418,000 people. The biggest populated city is Bangkok, Thailand, also known as the Capital of Thailand. The main religion is Buddhism. The religion of Thailand is a major Priority for the people. The reason why Buddhism is the major religion of Thailand is because of the details you would see in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok, Thailand, is 75 percent gold. The reason why 75 percent of Bangkok, Thailand, is gold is because Bangkok, Thailand, has over 50 Buddhist temples. Surrounding the city temples are made of pure gold. Thailand’s Language is Thai. This language is a special way to show the handmade culture. Elephants in Thailand are considered to be like dogs in America. Elephants walk around freely throughout Thailand. Elephants also might leave or escape wildlife reserves to search for food ( The money in Thailand is called baht. If you had 10 dollars in Thailand you would technically have 100 baht. The flag of Thailand was adopted in 1917, the flag has red, white, and blue stripes. The red stripes on the flag represent the nation. The white stripes on the flag represents purity. The blue on the flag represents the monarchy. Thailand could be an envy of many countries. In almost any direction from staying on a c... ... middle of paper ... ...means “ Land of the free “. The people have named Thailand, Thailand which means “Land Of Smiles”. In Thailand’s history Thailand became allies with America during the conflict of World War II. There is a simple in a park in Thailand to represent World War II veterans and to be thankful to those who died. On top of the memorial there are the flags the flags of all the countries that fought World War II. Above the flags, including the United States flag, there is a saying “Forgive but NEVER Forget” ( Over all Thailand is a heart warming, beautiful place. This country has the perfect temperature, and is wildly beautiful. The space and land in this country is truly Magnificent. Thailand is naturally born into beauty. This country over all has its perks but is still and will always be one beautiful, magnificent country.

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