Texas Legislature Essay

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Texas Legislature
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The Texas legislative is the dominant branch of the state government of Texas and works within the constitutional structure of separation of powers. As it is the representative of the people of Texas and under the 10th amendment to the USA constitution it implements the authoritative powers that only works for the US constitution and Texas and federal law that are applicable (Dye, Gibson & Robinson, 2010). It also has the authority to put into practice the necessary police rule to promote the safety, moral, health and welfare. The Legislature is a bicameral body that consists of the 31 representatives of member of council and 150 members of House of Representatives. The effects of bicameralism are: it helps to stabilize …show more content…

The members include the chair of Senate and House administration committees. Four senators selected by the lieutenant, nine representatives are chosen by the House speaker and the Lieutenant governor and the Speaker who serve as a chair and vice chair, respectively. Three standing committees manage the Council activities that are the executive, the finance and subject matter committees. The executive committee supervises all the operations of the legislative council, the finance mange the expenditures and support salaries and financial plan (Dye, Gibson & Robinson, 2010). Lastly, the subject matter committee analyzes and prioritizes the study projects or even works as a study committee. The Texas Legislature regular session meets in January on the second Tuesday of each odd-numbered …show more content…

Davis who later on became the Union General and the new constitution was written that gave the Governor the right to appoint more than 9,000 offices, imposing on the local government and the will of the people. Later, in 1876 a new constitution convention held and developed the constitution that weakened the State Government and remained the shadow of its previous identity (Dye, Gibson & Robinson, 2010). The Governor has the staff of 250 individuals to aid in carrying out the duties of the office that includes a Chief of Staff and a deputy Chief of Staff, a general counsel and a press secretary. Texas governor has to address with the constitutional requirement of the public. Governor has to deliver the message to legislative session in order to open the biennial budget message including retirement message at the session end. Governor has informal power to address any emergency situation. However, the formal power authorizes the Governor to put personal agenda and views to attempt to persuade the

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